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The Wanderman Assembly is one of two societies living in the Shattered Teeth. Though it claims values of honor and brotherhood, the group is ruthless and capitalistic. The relationship between the Assembly and the Ossended Host is tense, as each believes the other seeks their destruction.


Originating in the Menagerie Coast as a trade company, it came to the Shattered Teeth after its members were stranded across the islands by a hurricane.[1]

Around 743 PD it was known that the Captain Urlu Novos was allied with the Wanderman Assembly against the Ossended Host.[2] By 836 PD the strain between both societies had become bloody for some years.[1]

By 843 PD several of their boats sailed between the many islands of the archipelago, and were a relatively reliable form of transportation.[3] However, when Bells Hells landed on the island of Slival, Jirana the Shore Shrew told them that if they appeared too wealthy, they would likely be killed for their possessions.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The Wanderman Assembly's architecture and way of life are reminiscent of 16th-century British colonies in the Caribbean.[5]


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