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A Wand of Magic Missiles is a wand that can cast the Magic Missile spell.


A wand of magic missiles can hold up to seven charges. As an action, a person holding the wand can expend one or more charges to cast Magic Missile. One charge will cast the base (first level) version of the spell; every additional charge used for a casting increases the spell slot by one level.

Each day at dawn, the wand regains 1d6+1 of its expended charges. If all charges are used up, there is a 5% chance the wand will disintegrate into ash.[2]

The wand Vox Machina found was in the form of a twisted piece of bleached ivory that ended in a point at one end.[3]


Scanlan had a wand of magic missiles which Vox Machina found on a duergar beneath Kraghammer.[4] He first used it on-stream against an undead creature in Whitestone,[5] and several more times during the Whitestone Rebellion.[6][7] Crossing the Gilded Run, every member of Vox Machina were tought together with a rope, which limited their mobility in the fight against a feymire crocodile. Scanlan solved this issue with Magic Missiles, cutting the rope between each party member before the crocodile moved them closer to its mouth.[8]


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