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A Wand of Fireballs is a wand that can cast the Fireball spell.


A wand of fireballs can hold up to seven charges. As an action, a spellcaster attuned to the wand can expend one or more charges to cast Fireball, which when cast from this wand has a spell save DC of 15. One charge will cast the base (third level) version of the spell; every additional charge used for a casting increases the spell slot by one level.

Each day at dawn, the wand regains 1d6+1 of its expended charges. If all charges are used up, there is a 5% chance the wand will disintegrate into ash.[1]


Delilah Briarwood had a wand of fireballs that she used to attack Vox Machina during the Whitestone Rebellion.[2] After defeating her, Vex'ahlia took the wand and gave it to Scanlan.[3] He first used it against a purple worm encountered in Brimscythe's lair,[4] and then not long after against Vorugal during the Chroma Conclave's attack on Emon.[5] He used it frequently throughout the rest of the campaign, and notably in the final battle against Vecna.[6]


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