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Vurmas is a floating outpost for the Kryn Dynasty normally stationed near the north shore of Gelier in Eiselcross.


Vurmas is a collection of three massive ships tethered together,[2] the New Radiance, the Candlefire, and the Soulsailor.[1] Vurmas was established by the Kryn Dynasty as a base to reach out to the wildfolk of Eiselcross and recruit them as allies.[1] It is normally located near the north shore of Gelier but can be moved where needed.[3]

Foren outpost[]

An outpost was set up by Vurmas scouts on Foren and is hidden by illusions within a field of spires made of ice.[4] The entrance to the outpost is itself disguised as a larger spire.[5] Even within the outpost, illusion magic is used to disguise guards in the main chamber, in case an enemy is able to infiltrate.[6]

The interior of the entrance chamber of the outpost contains a forge and bellows for heat, and many crates with supplies for the military installation.[7] Further into the outpost, the spires are used as watchtowers as well as to outline the paths between the structures.[8]

Essek's chambers are at the northern end of the outpost.[9] There are also barracks and storage areas nearby with the necessities for a cold weather location, such as furs. [10]


The Vurmas outpost is staffed by the Aurora Watch. Everyone present is prepared to defend the location against enemies or the threats of the harsh arctic environment.[1] However, they are also mostly temporarily assigned to the location and miss some of the comforts of the Dynasty; when the Mighty Nein first visited the Foren outpost, those at the outpost were very excited to receive hot chocolate.[11]


Vurmas is a small outpost, numbering only 193 residents in 835 PD. Most are drow (51%), orcs (23%) or gnolls (14%), with a smattering of other races.[1]

Notable People[]

Name Type Description
Hallwas Delanor NPC Typical overseer of the outpost.[1]
Norca Brighttusk NPC Leader of expedition teams.[1]
Essek Thelyss NPC Overseer of the outpost in 836 PD. Temporary position.[12]
Dagen Underthorn NPC Hired as a mercenary.[13]


The outpost moved to the east coast of Foren while the Mighty Nein were there traveling towards the ruins of Aeor. During this time period, Essek Thelyss requested reassignment as its overseer in order to be further from possible retribution from the Cerberus Assembly.[14]

During the apogee solstice of 843 PD many Xhorhasian soldiers were still found in Eiselcross, particularly near the ruins of Aeor,[15] suggesting that the Kryn outpost was still active.



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