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Vrylaska Fellbranch was a vampire who murdered Warmaster Mikael Daxio.


In 831 PD,[4] while disguised as General Kay Clearsight, Vrylaska murdered Mikael Daxio, Warmaster of Fort Daxio, using a dagger of frozen blood in the bottom floor of the Watchman's Rest pub within the fort.[1] Following investigations, Fellbranch escaped capture, and Daxio was resurrected.[5]

In the adventure hook Vampire Hunters in the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, set in 836 PD, the Daxio Outriders are said to have been looking for Fellbranch for years without luck, until reports of vampire attacks in the Cliffkeep Mountains draw the defenders of Fort Daxio out.[3]


Both sourcebooks recommend the vampire statblock found in the Dungeon Master's Guide or the Basic Rules for Vrylaska, conferring on her the statistics, traits, and abilities of a typical D&D vampire.[2]


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