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Issue #1[]

Vox Machina pay their debt to Drez Vina and enjoy some of the finer things in Westruun, but quickly run out of money. Keyleth suggests taking on a job from a woman asking for help finding her son, but the rest of the party is disinterested. They get thrown out of a tavern after Grog gets into a bar fight with Loran the Bear, but in the process are noticed by Kradin Grimthorne, a representative from the Brawlers' League, and agree to join the fighting ring.

Issue #2[]

Vox Machina win their first fight, but Kradin encourages them to train harder and work more closely so that they can defeat Loran. While some of the party have their doubts, they slowly progress through the bouts, beating a group called the Scarlet Quorum first, then finally working up to winning against Loran and his party. They give Kradin his share of their winnings, but decline further involvement in the League in favor of celebrating Winter's Crest.

Issue #3[]

Vox Machina attends the Winter's Crest Festival in Westruun, which is interrupted when Margrave Atrix opens a gift allegedly from Eskil Ryndarien. The gift turns out to be a freezing cold egg, which emits cold energy and freezes most of the attendees, including Vax. A white-skinned woman also emerges from the egg, and tries but fails to freeze the rest of the party. She then uses a blue jewel to escape to the Frostfell. Vox Machina (minus Vax, whom Vex leaves with Trinket to guard him) follow her through the portal. They track down the woman, who tells them she was once a servant of Errevon. She asks them to serve him with her, but they refuse, especially after she similarly refuses to defrost the people of Westruun. As the party prepares to attack, the woman turns into the dragon Skysunder.

Issue #4[]

Vox Machina (minus frozen Vax) enter the battle with a white dragon Skysunder, Herald of the Rimelord. After the intense fight, Vex finds the magic gem that opened a portal to Westruun. While studying the remains of the dragon, Percy accidentally drops The List on them, enchanting one of its bullets with ice. The party returns to the city, and finds all the citizens and Vax unharmed and unfrozen. Eskil Ryndarien is immediately accused of instigating the incident with the portal, and nobody believes Vox Machina when they say it was actually Errevon (or someone acting on his behalf) had been behind this attack. Eskil is arrested, and the group vows to prove his innocence and find the true perpetrator.

Issue #5[]

Vox Machina speaks with the imprisoned Eskil to gain more information on who may have framed him. While Eskil cannot think of an enemy of his who would also endanger all of Westruun, he is able to identify the blue gem as a threshold crest and determine that the forged letter to Margrave Atrix passed through the hands of the Clasp. Vax slips away into the sewers to investigate further. He eventually tracks down Spireling Fetch, who had delivered the letter. Fetch is able to tell him that the letter came from Emon, but nothing further, although he offers to clear Eskil's name in exchange for a debt owed to him by Vax. Vax agrees, and rejoins the group. While Vax was gone, Keyleth continued to investigate the missing child job the group had initially declined to take. As Vax returns, Eskil is quickly freed, and he gives Vax the Boots of Haste in his gratitude. The party decides to follow up on the lead and travel to Emon.

Issue #6[]

Vox Machina arrives in Emon looking for the party responsible for hiring the Clasp to transport Skysunder's crystal egg to Westruun. Scanlan and Vax find a listing posted by Syldor Vessar, Vax and Vex's father, and while there they meet Devana, Syldor's wife, and her daughter Velora, Vex and Vax's half-sister, to the surprise of all parties involved. Syldor explains that Sir Gregory Fince has been missing for a week, and that a recent failed assassination attempt against Sovereign Uriel has halted the Tal'Dorei Council's business. Vex, Percy, Keyleth, Scanlan, and Grog then explore Fince's estate, while Vax and Pike visit the Clasp headquarters.

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