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Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins II #6 is the twelfth issue of Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins and the sixth issue of Vox Machina Origins Series II. It was written by Jody Houser, illustrated by Olivia Samson, lettered by Ariana Maher, and the cover illustrated by Hunter Severn Bonyun. The issue was published by Dark Horse Comics on June 3, 2020.[1]

Publisher's summary[]

The hour of the ritual is at hand!

Whether Grog returns to his cluelessly adorable self or transforms into the murderous lich Drath Mephrun is still a big fat question mark. Vox Machina is as prepared as they're going to be, armed with spell components, new allies, and a whole lot of loyalty. But will it be enough?

Don't miss the series arc finale! Inspired by the Critical Role web series.
Publisher's summary[1]

Plot summary[]

Pike Trickfoot, Keyleth, Scanlan Shorthalt, and Percival de Rolo ride quickly on horseback from Jorenn Village to Westruun. Keyleth suggests they ride faster. Percival muses that their friend must be special. Scanlan assures him "in every sense of the word."

With the other half of the party, Vex'ahlia hopes to Vax'ildan and Grog Strongjaw that the others found the nightmare skull to make spending gold on horses worthwhile. Grog passes out and falls of his horse. He sits up laughing and Drath Mephruhn says that Grog's body will soon belong to him. Grog regains control of himself, and they continue to Westruun.

Vox Machina reconvenes outside of Eskil Ryndarien's tower and are brought to his study. There, Eskil arranges the group in a ritual circle with Grog in the center. Shortly after Eskil begins the ritual, Drath takes control of Grog's both and arms himself with Grog's axe. Eskil instructs the group to keep him contained. Drath taunts the group, saying that it is too late. Vax'ildan asks Eskil for specific suggestions, but Eskil cannot answer. Percival points out that Eskil probably cannot stop the spell once it is begun.

Keyleth confirms to Percy that they do not wish to kill Grog and that Grog likely needs to remain inside the circle. Pike knocks Grog down, but Drath stands again and threatens to kill everyone, starting with Eskil. He advances toward Eskil, but Percival stops him by shooting him through the foot. Vex'ahlia shoots him through the other foot, downing him temporarily. Eskil reminds them to keep him inside the ritual circle, to Scanlan's annoyance. Drath magically knocks back Scanlan and Pike, and he begins casting some sort of spell. Scanlan casts Stinking Cloud, preventing him from completing it. It is quickly dispelled when Drath magically restrains Scanlan. Eskil completes the ritual, tearing Drath out of Grog and imprisoning him inside the skull. He demands the skull be brought to him before Drath can break free. Vax'ildan tosses him the skull, and Eskil destroys it with a spell.

Grog is returned to himself. Eskil says that the scar will never completely heal as such a darkness always leaves a mark, but he assures them that Drath is destroyed. Grog thanks the group. Percival introduces himself to the group, and Keyleth clarifies he helped acquire the skull. Grog hugs him tightly and proclaims him a new friend. Pike thanks Eskil for his help as well. Eskil says that he is owed a large favor in return.

At the tavern, Vex'ahlia laments that none of this adventuring paid anything. Keyleth unsuccessfully tries to assure him that friendship is its own reward, and Scanlan hopes that they can find more work now that nobody is possessed by a lich anymore, hopefully. They are approached by Drez Vina, who is looking for the box he requested they steal from Eskil and the gem he lent them.[2] He informs them that, because they destroyed the gem, they are now in debt to Master Quall. He will be in contact soon as they now owe a favor.

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UPC Released Publisher Format Price Ref.
7 61568 00497 7 00611 June 3, 2020 Dark Horse Comics Comic book $3.99
June 3, 2020 Dark Horse Comics Digital $3.99

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