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Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins II #3 is the ninth issue of Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins and the third issue of Vox Machina Origins Series II. It was written by Jody Houser, art produced by Olivia Samson, lettered by Ariana Maher, and the cover art was produced by Benjamin Dewey. The issue was published by Dark Horse Comics on September 18, 2019.

Publisher's summary[]

Not even Pike's holy healing could remove the scar Grog received during the ritual his friends interrupted under Gatshadow, but reaching people who could provide answers is difficult. As often happens in these situations, a stranger approaches the party with an offer: he'll get them access to a wizard's tower in exchange for stealing a magical item while they're there. Simple enough. What could go wrong?
More hijinks are on the way from award-nominated writer Jody Houser (Orphan Black, Stranger Things) and first series artist Olivia Samson.
Publisher's summary[2]

Plot summary[]

The party sits at a table in a tavern in Westruun, wondering who can help Grog. A barmaid flirts with Grog, but Pike interrupts her, telling her that it's not a good time as Grog just buried his father.

In a recent flashback, the party goes to a shop called Beyond the Veil to learn more about the scar. The proprietor, Noja, directs them instead to Kima of Vord, but when the party goes to the Temple Ward, they learn that she is out of town on a pilgrimage. They are redirected again, this time to Eskil Ryndarien. However, Ryndarien's administrator Jekt Wince turns them away, saying the next appointment is not for several weeks.

As Vox Machina worry more about Grog's situation in the tavern and Pike begins to plan, they are overheard by Drez Vina. He tells them that he can grant them access to the tower if they retrieve an item for Drez's employer, a rival of Ryndarien's. While Vex is initially skeptical, Drez provides them with the details: he has a key, in the form of a red gem, to a secret entrance to Ryndarien's tower. The party is instructed to use the key and to avoid any combat, and then meet Ryndarien in his study. Drez assures them that this will amuse Ryndarien such that he will provide them with help. In return, the party needs to bring back a small brass box with a pearl in the lid. Drez also offers 2,000 gold for return of the box. As the party discusses, Grog begins coughing loudly, and Vox Machina quickly agrees to the mission.

The party descends into the sewers and, with help from Pike's magic, finds the hidden entrance. They realize they're not sure how to use the gem as a key, but Grog quickly throws it against the door, opening it. However, almost immediately upon entering the room Grog is nearly electrocuted. The party proceeds with caution. Vax detects a pressure trap in a long hallway, which the party bypasses by Grog throwing Scanlan and Pike, the twins quickly rushing through, and Keyleth using a spell to deflect the effects of the trap so that she and Grog can pass.

As they travel through the tower, Pike realizes that the building is constructed magically. The party then hears someone approaching. Most of them hide, but Pike is discovered by Jekt. Scanlan quickly jumps out and gives his name as Burt Reynolds, a customs inspector looking for illegal plants. He then charms Jekt, who lets the party continue their "inspection".

Vox Machina finds the box they were supposed to steal, but Keyleth expresses trepidation. Vex agrees that it seems odd to steal from Ryndarien when they are coming to him for help. Ryndarien overhears this conversation and, impressed, invites them to his study. The party continues up a spiral staircase to the study, where he says that he's been watching them the entire time and asks them why they've come to him. Scanlan tells him that they were referred to him by Noja as an expert on curses, and Pike explains that Grog had been subjected to an unknown ritual and has a scar that will not heal. Vax mentions the name Drath Mephruhn, which Ryndarien recognizes as a long-ago student of the Alabaster Lyceum who was expelled for his involvement with dark magics.

Ryndarien inspects the scar and asks Grog to cough, which reopens up the wound. He tells the party that while they may have destroyed Drath Mephruhn's current form, he had succeeded in the ritual of lichdom and implanted the phylactery, which will allow him to return, in Grog's chest. Grog replies, "That sounds bad."

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UPC Released Publisher Format Price Ref.
7 61568 00497 7 00311 September 18, 2019 Dark Horse Comics Comic book $3.99
September 18, 2019 Dark Horse Comics Digital $3.99

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  1. Cover art, by Benjamin Dewey from Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins II #3. This file is a copyrighted work. Its use in this article is asserted to qualify as fair use of the material under United States copyright law.

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