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Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins #6 is the sixth issue of Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins and the sixth and final issue of Vox Machina Origins Series I. It was written by Matthew Mercer and Matthew Colville, the art was produced by Olivia Samson, and the cover art was produced by Ariana Orner. It was published by Dark Horse Comics on April 18, 2018.

Publisher's summary[]

The heroes, reunited at last, board the Mockingbird and fight their way to Iselda as well as the source of the poison that has been plaguing the inhabitants of Stilben.
Publisher's summary.[1]


Battle on the docks[]

On the docks of Stilben, Grog, Keyleth, Scanlan, Tiberius, Vax'ildan, Vex'ahlia debate their next move in stopping Iselda and the Myriad from poisoning the city. They know that they need a way onto the boat. Grog points out the large ramp leading to the ship, but Tiberius refutes the idea, reminding him of the guards present on deck. Grog only sees two guards, but Tiberius reasons that those guards will alert everyone else aboard the ship, making their job much more difficult. He figures that he can magically snuff out the fire of the torches, an idea Vex likes as it allows them to board under the cover of darkness. She asks the sorcerer what the limits of that spell is, and Tiberius remembers that the spell only allows him to create fire, not destroy it. Vex says that it was a good idea in principle as Keyleth suggests that they enter the way Vax got out. Vax explains that he only escaped by tricking Iselda into shooting her golem with lightning and tricking it into using his magically charged fist to smash a hole in the wall of the ship. Keyleth suggests that they try that, only backwards, while Tiberius notices Grog already in a fight.

Grog! You're the strongest in this fight, you're my inspiraaaation!
Scanlan granting Grog inspiration.[3]

While the others were discussing what to do, Grog had left them and engaged the Myriad members, greataxe in hand. By the time the others take notice, the goliath is fighting several Myriad members in melee combat while others have opened windows in the side of the ship to shoot him with arrows. The rest of the party runs across the dock and joins the fight. Vax joins Grog on the ramp while Keyleth turns into a saber-toothed tiger, Vex shoots an arrow and Tiberius launches a magical missile. At the same time, a minotaur brandishing a large sword enters the fray, whose arrival a frustrated Scanlan labels as "typical". Grog immediately engages the minotaur as they lock blades. The minotaur hits Grog in the stomach with his hoof, knocking the goliath back. Grog immediately gets back up and runs back up the ramp while the others watch on. Scanlan grants Grog inspiration, allowing him to duck beneath a swipe of the minotaur's sword. The goliath tackles the minotaur, and both fall off the ramp and into the water.

A frustrated Scanlan rhetorically asks his friend if he could stay in fights longer while Keyleth voices concern for the barbarian, pointing out that the water could be deep or infested with sharks. Scanlan jokes that the sharks would be fine as long as they leave Grog alone and tells her that they should not wait. Keyleth notices Vax comforting her sister, whose arm was broken during the fight, and magically heals her injury. Vex gives Keyleth a look of surprised gratitude and promptly gets up and hugs her, to the surprise of the druid. Vax starts to explain how Vex is not used to willing aid from strangers, but gets interrupted by Scanlan, who impatiently points out that Vex's attitude has already been established and urges the group to get going. Tiberius asks Vax if he knows where their destination is, to which the rogue responds "Sort of...".

Fight aboard the Mockingbird[]

In the belly of the ship, the party has arrived at their destination, where they come a circular engraving in the floor filled with a green liquid, above which is a swirling mass of the souls of everyone who has been poisoned by the Myriad. Tiberius kneels down, inspecting the liquid, and explains to the others that the Myriad's poison, Aqua caedes, is rumored to be able to kill entire populations due to its "natural resonan[ce] with arcanism". He suggests that they could use water to dilute the poison, but he and Keyleth realize that they instead need a weak acid, such as wine or fruit juice. They are interrupted by Scanlan, who has approached the engraving and started to urinate in it. The bard asks the others if they wish to join, reminding them that they do not have much time. Vax shrugs and joins in, to the surprise of his sister, who muttered to him that it was his idea to rely on "these idiots", and points out that it is working. Vex jokes that she cannot argue with success while Scanlan requests more people to join in.

At that moment, the Servant enters the room, noting that his mistress will not be pleased and catching the party off-guard, shocking Tiberius to see a construct in the enemy's ranks. Vax starts to explain that he has outsmarted it before, before being clobbered in the jaw and knocked into the wall. Vex launches arrow after arrow, but none of her attacks do any damage, allowing the Servant to strike Tiberius as well, knocking his glasses off his face. Scanlan, running out of spell slots, starts to panic and tells the dragonborn to give up, but Tiberius explains that his power is fueled through will alone as he converts sorcery points to enough spell slots to cast Burning Hands. The Servant becomes engulfed in flames while a stunned Scanlan looks on. Meanwhile, Keyleth approaches and revives an unconscious Vax, who comments that he "could get used to having healers around". Keyleth smiles, but she is suddenly stabbed through the stomach by Iselda, who mocks the party for their predictability. Vax, reaching for a dagger, promises that they will soon surprise her.

Meanwhile, Tiberius supposes that they might as well go out in a blaze of fire as he unleashes his dragon's breath, again engulfing the Servant in an inferno. This drives the golem berserk, causing it to accidentally strike Iselda in the face. While Scanlan (who jokes that the golem would fit right in with the team) and Tiberius watch, the golem accidentally hits its mistress again, prompting Iselda to reveal her true form as a lesser marilith, growing six arms and a serpentine tale. A stunned Vex asks Tiberius what Iselda is, but an equally stunned Tiberius does not know while Scanlan waves his arms around, sarcastically mentioning that it is a demon. Iselda slices up the golem, taking care of her problem.

At that moment, Trinket pounces on Iselda while Vex shoots arrow after arrow, but the marilith slams the bear into a table. She casts Hypnotic Pattern on the party. Keyleth, Tiberius, and Trinket are too slow to shield their eyes, allowing Iselda to draw them into her blades. Vex, out of arrows, watches helplessly; Vax asks her if she regrets anything, but she replies no, as stopping the Myriad was worth a try. As Iselda pushes her blades through Keyleth and Tiberius, Vex continues, revealing that she was willing to try forming a party with the others, but that they have no chance against her and that no one can save them now.

At that moment, Grog suddenly bursts through the wall, covered in arrows and seaweed and dragging the bodies of multiple Myriad operatives. While Scanlan watches, trying to heal his fallen allies, Grog lunges at the marilith, who blocks his swing with her sword and stabs him in the arm, causing the goliath to roar in pain. He kicks Iselda backward, knocking her into the circular engraving. Iselda's eyes widen as the engraving lights up and then flashes with green flame, incinerating her.


The human father who had originally hired Vex and Vax to look into whoever had poisoned Stilben stands on Stilben's docks. He suddenly remembers something as he pulls out a fistful of rocks, which he leaves behind at the edge of the dock as he returns home.

Back on the Mockingbird, the green flames have died down, leaving Iselda's body a dry, shrivelled husk. The rest of the party has been revived and is staring at Iselda's corpse while Grog sits, resting. Scanlan points at the corpse and yells about how they had urinated on it. Keyleth thanks Grog for saving them and Scanlan compliments his entrance and asks if there is any loot on the ship. Grog confirms so, but reveals that it has likely "melted" by now, explaining that he accidentally knocked over enough lanterns on the way to the fight to set the ship on fire. A disappointed Scanlan laments over the loss. The party finds a way out through the same hole Vax escaped through earlier that day. While the others swim to shore, the twins, Vax asks Vex if she wants to leave, but Vex reveals that she was reminded of a "normal", fun life that they could have had at home while Vax and Scanlan "diluted" the poison, and they decide to stay.

The party similarly decides to stay in Stilben instead of traveling onward when Scanlan points out the many opportunites available in the town for a "band of plucky adventurers". Vex suggests that they find an expensive tavern "and get completely shitfaced". Seeing the surprise of Keyleth and Tiberius in response to her idea, she comments that they have a lot to learn about each other. Keyleth agrees, adding that they should get started.

In the lair of the Clasp, Spireling Harrock has met with Helicax and Brul, Keyleth and Tiberius's former partymates from the Four from Foramere, where she discusses the events that have transpired. Helicax explains that he and Brul had nothing to do with it, but now that the plot is stopped, asks for Stitch back (whom the Clasp has poisoned and captured for ransom). Harrock promises to administer the antidote and return their partymate. Helicax, impressed that she kept her word, notes that he would not mind another job should their friend survive. Harrock asks again who had interfered with their job and Brul mentions a "half-elf girl" (referring to Vex). Helicax adds that the girl had approached them, "gabble[d]", and Tiberius and Keyleth left with her. Harrock notes that she finds it bad to allow "freelancers" interfere with operations, and Helicax smiles, understanding their next job.

At his manor, Lustran Zeth tries to find Iselda to notify her that he is out of Aqua caedes. At that moment, a voice speaks to him through the Mirror of Translation, promising the baron that he does not have to be a pawn anymore. Zeth realizes that he is being spoken to through the mirror, which the voice confirms, and offers to teach him how to use it. The baron asks what has happened to Iselda, and the voice cryptically says that a position and rewards are available for him at the Myriad.

Featured characters[]



  • Stitch



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