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Vox Machina was a legendary band of adventurers based in Tal'Dorei, primarily active between 809 and 812 PD, and the protagonists of the First Campaign of Critical Role. They are world renowned heroes, most notable for rescuing the Tal'Dorei Royal Family from demonic possession, overthrowing the Briarwoods' rule of Whitestone, slaying the dragons of the Chroma Conclave, and banishing the newly deified Vecna beyond the Divine Gate.


Grog Strongjaw, Keyleth, Scanlan Shorthalt, Tiberius Stormwind, Vax'ildan, and Vex'ahlia met when they helped out an individual within Stilben. Afterwards, when the members each individually or in their respective groups looked at a bulletin post for jobs and saw one, they decided to form a group out of necessity and band together. Their first mission involved a conspiracy within the town.



The group later ran into Pike Trickfoot and Percival de Rolo, who joined the party permanently.

One of the first major encounters the party had with a creature was a lich that had just reanimated and was in a weakened state.

Vox Machina's first major assignment was investigating the disappearance of children. After gathering information, they learned that, a week before the kids vanished, they were seen playing with a child with long black hair and golden eyes.[2] After saving the city of Emon from a demon insurrection for the throne, they noticed the described child talking to the son of Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei III, and pursued the child. They ended up in the dimension of the Dread Emperor, where they discovered that he was responsible for the abduction of the children. They ultimately defeated him, but not without casualties.

Greyskull Keep was built in their honor for saving Emon. However, they were unable to savor this testament to their valor, as they were quickly sent on a quest to rescue someone called Lady Kima of Vord by Lady Allura Vysoren.

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Fan made timeline of the adventures of Vox Machina, by Lalou.[art 1] (Full size image)


The original name of the group was the Super High-Intensity Team, but the players decided to abandon the name once they began to gain renown because of the acronym that it spelled out, although they still occasionally refer to themselves as "the S.H.I.T.s". The group debated calling themselves the Order of the Brotherhood of the Sisterhood, but chose the name Vox Machina.[3] Vox Machina is latin for "voice machine", a nod to the cast of voice actors.


Fan art of the Vox Machina Crest, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

At the beginning of Campaign One, Vox Machina was a group of eight adventurers plus Vex'ahlia's companion, Trinket. Tiberius parted from the group amicably in "A Musician's Nostalgia" (1x37).[4] Scanlan left the group after a very emotional confrontation in "A Bard's Lament" (1x85), but returned in "Masquerade" (1x99). Taryon joined Vox Machina in Scanlan's absence. After defeating Vecna, the party retired from adventuring.

Name Class Status Location
Grog Strongjaw Barbarian / Fighter Alive Living with Pike and Scanlan in Westruun
Keyleth Druid Alive Headmaster of the Air Ashari in Zephrah
Percival de Rolo Fighter Alive Sovereign of Whitestone
Pike Trickfoot Cleric Alive Living with Grog and Scanlan in Westruun
Scanlan Shorthalt Bard Alive Living with Pike and Grog in Westruun
Taryon Darrington Artificer Alive Grand Commander of the Darrington Brigade in Deastok
Tiberius Stormwind Sorcerer Deceased Fell while defending Draconia from Vorugal
Vax'ildan Rogue / Paladin / Druid Deceased Abandonned his mortal form to become Champion of the Raven Queen after defeating Vecna
Vex'ahlia Ranger / Rogue Alive Baroness of the First House of Whitestone


Name Species Status Location
Doty Construct Alive Assistant to Taryon in Deastok
Lockheed Pseudodragon Unknown Released in the wild around Whitestone
Trinket Bear Alive Living with Vex'ahlia in Whitestone


Originally, the alignments of Vox Machina were as follows: Keyleth, Percy, and Vex were neutral good, Pike, Scanlan, Tiberius, and Vax were chaotic good, and Grog was chaotic neutral.[5] After "Crimson Diplomacy" (1x25), there was an unspecified alignment change to a character,[6] which was likely either Percy or Tiberius due to their actions during said episode. It was confirmed at Wizard World that Tiberius's alignment had changed.[7] After "Cindergrove Revisited" (1x46), Vex's alignment changed to chaotic neutral due to many behaviors and actions culminating in the theft of Gern Blanston's flying broom and then lying about it.[8] During "Where the Cards Fall" (1x75), Vex's alignment changed to chaotic good due to a series of decisions, including her outspoken concern for two young enslaved aasimar.[9]


The actors cosplaying as their characters. From top left: Keyleth, Percy, Grog, Scanlan, Tiberius, and Pike. From bottom left: Vax'ildan, Matthew Mercer, and Vex'ahlia.

Vax is one of the main damage dealers in the group, partly because he tends to be the one scouting ahead, though he is sometimes accompanied by his sister Vex'ahlia. Grog carries the group's Bag of Holding and is another of the main damage dealers, serving as a tank and protecting the less armored party members. Scanlan is occasionally used for infiltration and subterfuge, and Keyleth has been known to do aerial reconnaissance and transportation. Pike is the group's main healer, though Keyleth, Vex, and Scanlan also have healing abilities, albeit to a more limited extent.

Percy is known for creating explosive and other types of arrows for Vex to use in combat, as well as crafting his own ammunition. He also tends to handle negotiations most of the time.

Keyleth often tries to act as the conscience of the group. Though others may agree with her, she is often the most vocal about advocating for doing the right thing or worrying about a person's well-being, against more eloquent members who don't share her concerns.

Vex'ahlia is the group's treasurer. She keeps track of the party's funds and distributes any earnings among them. She is also a skilled haggler and tends to handle most of Vox Machina's business transactions.

Relationships Within the Group

Intraparty Relationships of Vox Machina
Grog Keyleth Percy Pike Scanlan Tiberius Trinket Vax'ildan Vex'ahlia
Grog Grog Keyleth & Grog Percy & Grog Pike & Grog Scanlan & Grog Tiberius & Grog Trinket & Grog Vax'ildan & Grog Vex'ahlia & Grog
Keyleth Grog & Keyleth Keyleth Percy & Keyleth Pike & Keyleth Scanlan & Keyleth Tiberius & Keyleth Trinket & Keyleth Vax'ildan & Keyleth Vex'ahlia & Keyleth
Percy Grog & Percy Keyleth & Percy Percy Pike & Percy Scanlan & Percy Tiberius & Percy Trinket & Percy Vax'ildan & Percy Vex'ahlia & Percy
Pike Grog & Pike Keyleth & Pike Percy & Pike Pike Scanlan & Pike Tiberius & Pike Trinket & Pike Vax'ildan & Pike Vex'ahlia & Pike
Scanlan Grog & Scanlan Keyleth & Scanlan Percy & Scanlan Pike & Scanlan Scanlan Tiberius & Scanlan Trinket & Scanlan Vax'ildan & Scanlan Vex'ahlia & Scanlan
Tiberius Grog & Tiberius Keyleth & Tiberius Percy & Tiberius Pike & Tiberius Scanlan & Tiberius Tiberius Trinket & Tiberius Vax'ildan & Tiberius Vex'ahlia & Tiberius
Trinket Grog & Trinket Keyleth & Trinket Percy & Trinket Pike & Trinket Scanlan & Trinket Tiberius & Trinket Trinket Vax'ildan & Trinket Vex'ahlia & Trinket
Vax'ildan Grog & Vax'ildan Keyleth & Vax'ildan Percy & Vax'ildan Pike & Vax'ildan Scanlan & Vax'ildan Tiberius & Vax'ildan Trinket & Vax'ildan Vax'ildan Vex'ahlia & Vax'ildan
Vex'ahlia Grog & Vex'ahlia Keyleth & Vex'ahlia Percy & Vex'ahlia Pike & Vex'ahlia Scanlan & Vex'ahlia Tiberius & Vex'ahlia Trinket & Vex'ahlia Vax'ildan & Vex'ahlia Vex'ahlia

Allies and Friends

The miniatures originally used by Vox Machina alongside a Horn of Orcus.

See also: Category:Allies

Guest Player Characters



VM Logo (blending of fanart & official website cocepts)

Vox Machina has defeated many foes over the years. There are also a few groups of people/adversaries that would probably oppose them when the time comes.


  • The Clasp: Vox Machina made enemies of them when not agreeing to their terms when seeking their assistance during the Chroma Conclave attack on Emon. The Clasp named them their enemies and would later be paid by Hotis to send assassins after them.
  • Master Vouk: A collaborator with the Briarwoods in Whitestone, Vouk's forehead was branded and had his tongue ripped out by Vox Machina before fleeing, his status following this is unknown.
  • Goran Vedmeyer: After serving as a duke under the Briarwoods, he was allowed to live in Whitestone to serve the community as penance for his crimes against the people.[10]
  • Orthax: A shadow demon who has made vengeance pacts with both Percival de Rolo and Anna Ripley.
  • Craven Edge: Grog's sentient sword that upon being satisfied by feeding upon Grog's kills sucked out Grog's soul. The damage was undone by Pike and Craven Edge was banished by Keyleth via Plane Shift far from the material plane where it can do harm.
  • Ghurrix: Ghurrix was slain by Vox Machina; his essence is reforming in the Nine Hells, but he has been demoted and tortured for his supposed assassination attempt, a lie put about by Scanlan.
  • Kraken: An intelligent creature that Keyleth's mother failed to avoid in her final Aramente trial. It toyed with Vox Machina until enough damage was done that it began to fight them seriously, killing Vax. It is trapped in the Elemental Plane of Water and is aggressively territorial.
  • Arkhan: Stole the Hand of Vecna and attached it to himself, claiming just before he Teleported away: "I'm sorry, it was just business. Until we meet again."
  • Vecna: Not actually dead, but banished and sealed away nonetheless.[11]


Official Art

Official campaign art of Vox Machina, by Kit Buss.[art 3]

Official comic book art of Vox Machina, by Olivia Samson from Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins.[art 4]

Official character designs for The Legend of Vox Machina, by Phil Bourassa.[art 5]


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