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Vox Machina was a legendary band of adventurers based in Tal'Dorei, primarily active between 809 and 812 PD, and the protagonists of the First Campaign of Critical Role and the animated series The Legend of Vox Machina. They are world renowned heroes, most notable for rescuing the Tal'Dorei Royal Family from demonic possession, overthrowing the Briarwoods' rule of Whitestone, slaying the dragons of the Chroma Conclave, and banishing the newly deified Vecna beyond the Divine Gate.


The team, originally comprised of Grog Strongjaw, Tiberius Stormwind, Scanlan Shorthalt, Keyleth, Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia, met in the swamp town of Stilben as a ragtag group of mercenaries in search of work. They found a job board posting from Fendril Vas, the elven head of a small merchant empire, who hired the group to investigate a new competition in town known as the Myriad. Their mission lead them to a chamber containing a planar rift that pulled the group into the plane of the undead fetal-formed deity Crysa-Thul, who revealed that their contract with the elven merchant was merely a ruse to lure here so the god could feed on them. The party fought back, destroying the creature, and returned to Stilben and to kill Vas in revenge.



Official prologue[]


Official art of The original members of Vox Machina, by Olivia Samson from Vox Machina Origins #1.[art 2]

The main pre-stream events of Campaign One were shared in "The Story of Vox Machina" (Sx06).

After their original mission in Stilben, the group stayed in town to do some odd jobs. Grog left to return to his hometown of Westruun, but after a few weeks, the party began to worry and went to look for him. In Westruun, they met his childhood friend Pike Trickfoot, who said that Grog had been acting strangely and went off on his own towards the looming Gatshadow Mountain. Joined by Pike, they discovered a crypt in the mountain where they found Grog and the reanimated corpse of his father Stonejaw Strongjaw, controled by a dying mage attempting a ritual to lichdom. He managed to complete the ritual and embed his phylactery into Grog's chest before the party killed him.

While looking for help, the party was approached by Drez Vina, who offered to pay them well to infiltrate the tower of an Archmage and retrieve a box for him. Hoping to speak with this Archmage, the party accepted the task and made their way to the top of the tower. They decided against stealing the box, instead asking the keeper of the tower, Realmseer Eskil Ryndarien, for help. He sent the party to collect two items he required for a ritual to rid Grog of the phylactery: the skull of a Nightmare and the Heart of a Nymph. Ryndarien also told them that if the phylactery was not removed in time, the lich would be reborn within Grog in two weeks. The party traveled to the Umbra Hills, where they slayed an infernal messenger and his Nightmare steed. There, they met, befriended, and freed from imprisonment the human gunslinger Percival de Rolo, who joined the party. From there, they traveled to the Frostweald and encountered a single unfrozen pool of water inhabited by a nymph. After speaking with the nymph, Grog followed her back to her dimensional sanctuary and returned holding a jewel gifted by the nymph: her "heart". The group returned to Ryndarien, and the ritual succeeded.

Drez Vina, displeased, approached the party to demand that their debt be paid off. The party accepted a new mission and headed to the Shadebarrow, an ancient druidic burial chamber, to defeat an iron golem and tear the Arcane Cortex from its chest. They returned it to Vina, fulfilling their contract. A dwarf named Kradin Grimthorne then approached them and offered to represent them in a nearby underground fighting ring, where they fought their way in to victory.


Official art of Skysunder, by Wendy Sullivan Green.[art 3]

During the Winter's Crest season, a strange blue crystal was delivered to Westruun in the name of Archmage Eskil Ryndarien, and it froze the entire populace in ice. The party, shielded from the icy blast by a merchant named Noja, saw a nude woman with long, white hair emerge from the crystal, open a portal and leap through. The party gave chase, finding themselves in a frozen world where the woman revealed her true form: the white dragon Skysunder. The party defeated her and with the dragon dead, the people of Westruun were freed from the ice. Eskil Ryndarien was put on trial for the attack, but the party intervened and proved his innocence. Eskil discovered that the crystal was delivered by a powerful organization of thieves known as the Clasp. Vax, once a member of the Clasp, knew that their headquarters were in Emon, the capital city of Tal'Dorei.

In Emon, the party completed a few odd jobs, one of which lead them to Syldor Vessar, the father of Vex and Vax. The twins learned that their father had remarried and had a new daughter. In town as ambassador to Syngorn, Syldor hired the party to search for Sir Gregory Fince, his missing contact with the Tal'Dorei Council. The party infiltrated his house and battled succubus and spine devils in the basement,[2][3][disputed] then found the tortured corpse of Sir Gregory, as well as his notes on an attempted assassination of Sovereign Uriel and his family. According to them, since the attempt, Uriel had been absent from the Council most hours, and his wife Salda Tal'Dorei had been whispering in his ear and scoffing at any who defied them.

As they exited the basement, Grog, Tiberius, Vex, Percy, and Keyleth fell into a trap and into a subterranean river system. They found themselves in the ruins of an ancient town where they met a hag named Trysta. In her hut, Tiberius found one of the artifacts he was searching for, the Wheel of Mending. Trysta showed them the way back to the surface in exchange for their aid in slaying a newly nested umber hulk at the top of the Crystalfen Caverns. Meanwhile, while Scanlan looked for a map of the sewer system, Vax and Pike were attacked and taken to the headquarters of the Clasp, where Spireling Modeth Lai told them that Sir Gregory's house was under surveillance. Vax revealed his past membership to the Clasp, but he and Pike still had to sneak out in the night to reunite with the rest of the party.

The party decided to meet the man who thwarted the royal family's assassination, General Krieg. Krieg met with the party and was interested in the information regarding sir Gregory and the Clasp, but asked the party not to meddle in the investigation. Vox Machina headed to the Palace of the Sovereign to try and speak with Uriel, but were denied entry. At the palace gate, they met Allura Vysoren, a powerful arcanist and a member of the Tal'Dorei Council. She invited the party to her home, the Ivory Tower, where she and Keyleth Scryed into the palace, revealing that Uriel and his entire family were under the influence of a demonic force. The party decided to pay a visit to the Clasp, where they killed Spireling Modeth and stole four glowing crystals. Returning to Allura's tower, they realized that she had been attacked by a demonic entity but managed to escape. The party escaped the tower's sudden collapse, due to a defense mechanism, thanks to the discovery of a Carpet of Flying. They saw that Allura's tower had compacted itself into a small, magical pearl.

The party then headed to the home of General Krieg, where they found a teleportation circle that transported them to a cavern high in the mountains. Inside, they discovered an incredible hoard of treasure, and four large, obsidian orbs placed in the rock walls. After touching one of them, a giant reptilian eye appeared in it and a voice erupted, calling for "Brimscythe". Noticing the party in the cavern, the voice said "Intruders. I know your face now. He is a fool, and so are you, insect." The orbs all cracked and became inert. General Krieg then appeared in the teleportation circle, and revealed his true form: the blue dragon Brimscythe. The party managed to kill him and escape, finding Allura back in Emon. She lead them in infiltrating the Palace, where they stormed the throne room.


Official art of Vox Machina attacking Juurezel, by Wendy Sullivan Green.[art 4]

Vox Machina banished the shadows in the royal family's bodies, summoning the entity behind the entire scheme: a "devil prince" named Juurezel. He told the party of a great war between devils and demons spilling into the Material Plane that could threaten all creation, and justified his actions with the devastation that would ensue if the party stopped him. He requested the party's aid in destroying demons in the city and offered a single Wish if they agreed to make a pact with him. After initially agreeing, Vox Machina decided to use their wish to cancel their contract with the fiend, and attacked. During the fight, Juurezel, revealed to actually be a glabrezu demon, killed Pike by cutting her in half with his pincer. After killing the demon, the group rushed to a nearby temple of Pike's deity Sarenrae, where they attempted a resurrection ritual, and succeeded in bringing her back to life. Using the four crystals they stole from the Clasp, which were actually Soul Jars, they restored the royal family's souls to their bodies. In thanks for all their help, the king offered the party a place on the Tal'Dorei Council and commissioned the construction of a keep for them on the outskirts of the city. He also declared a new Winter's crest festival, since previous ones were interrupted by attacks.


Official art of Dread Emperor, by Wendy Sullivan Green.[art 5]

During the festivities, the party noticed Gren Tal'Dorei, the son of Uriel, chatting with a boy with black hair and golden eyes. Remembering rumors of children meeting a boy of that exact description before disappearing, the party chased them into an alley and through some kind of portal. They found themselves atop a large, forested island drifting through the Astral Plane. Inside a mansion, they found a number of kidnapped children. The strange boy, calling himself the Dread Emperor, revealed his true form as a golden-armored man with long, black hair. As the party fought, they realized that any damage dealt to him was also transferred to the four children chained to his breastplate. One boy fell to Keyleth's magic, but they managed to take out the Dread Emperor and return with the kidnapped children to Emon.

Six months of peace followed as Greyskull Keep was constructed. During this time, the party scattered on personal business; Keyleth to the Earth Ashari to continue her Aramenté, Pike to the sea to train, Percy building new weapons. Upon their return, they sent out job inquiries for guards and servants and settled into their new home. Soon after, they were visited by Allura, who sent them on a mission to locate her missing friend, Kima of Vord.

Other moments
Other moments from the pre-stream game have been shared by the main cast:

  • Trinket was nearly killed when Grog attempted to disarm a room full of traps by hitting the bear on his backside with the broad side of his axe, causing Trinket to charge straight into the traps, triggering all of them. Vex was very angry with the goliath afterwards.[citation needed]
  • Vex and Percy castrated the two trolls that were "attacking" Tiberius. Grog decided to keep one of the penises of the trolls as a souvenir; it was later used as a distraction in an encounter.[4]
  • Pike once purposely injured Vax when she found out he had been a "peeping tom" by stepping on his foot. She dealt one point of nonlethal damage.[5]
  • Scanlan once rolled a natural twenty on deception, and by putting a finger over his upper lip so it looked like he had a mustache, was able to trick a man into thinking that he was "Burt Reynolds", a moniker he would don throughout the series. He was also able to convince some guards to free Keyleth from prison after convincing them that she had pubic lice. She played along by foaming at the mouth and acting insane. Percy acted as her lawyer.[6]
  • Grog and Scanlan managed to intimidate a group of hostile mages in the fighting pit when Scanlan summoned a pony, that Grog abruptly decapitated before smearing its gore on his body while screaming. Scanlan also had Percy build him a bomb to use in that event, but since Grog's intimidation worked, Scanlan kept the bomb, which was later used in "K'Varn Revealed" (1x10).
  • After finding Brimscythe's treasure horde, Grog went into a "rage loot";[7] when the dragon emerged, he paused to acknowledge it before he continued looting the room. Grog's choice almost cost some members of Vox Machina their lives, but it also significantly increased their party funds, as the room was destroyed afterwards.[citation needed]
  • When Keyleth attempted to rescue one of the children from the Dread Emperor with her Grasping Vine spell, the child accidentally died when his neck broke from too much pressure around the collar.[8] She later experienced great difficulty in her Earth Trial due to the trauma of the child's death still fresh in her mind.[9][10]
  • Grog convinced the group that in order to find good security for Greyskull Keep, the potential guards would have to fight each other to the death.[citation needed]
  • On the road from Emon to Kraghammer with mission to aid Kima of Vord, Grog successfully prevented a fight between a roving band of goliath barbarians, led by his uncle Kevdak's son, Zanror, and Vox Machina after he recognized his cousin. However, the truce was only temporary.[11]

Vox Machina Origins[]

Some pre-stream events were changed in the Vox Machina Origins series. In this version, Scanlan and Grog were travelling with another party, The Wing; Keyleth and Tiberius were also in a party called the Four From Foramere; and Vex and Vax were travelling together. The future members of Vox Machina were all in Stilben for different reasons, but ran into each other in a sewer station, where they initially fought each other. However, when agents of the Myriad also appeared, followed by Iselda, they banded together to fight them off. Keyleth suggested that they all team up to figure out what was going on in the town, but everyone turned her down. Iselda then kidnapped Vax'ildan, which forced Vex'ahlia to go beg the others for help. Leaving their previous groups, who had other priorities, the five of them came together and met up with Vax, who had just escaped from his cell. Together, they took out Iselda and stopped the "curse" that was plaguing the town.

Chrysa-Thul only made a brief appearance in a forest outside of Stilben. It seems that Fendril Vas was not present in this storyline, as Vex'ahlia mentioned that they were being paid "a very small amount" by the town of Stilben to take care of it.

In this version, Grog did not tell the others he was leaving for Westruun, instead being compelled to leave in the middle of the night. This caused the group to immediately start looking for him, and they had to track him to Westruun themselves. Tiberius also left the party to head to the Ashen Gorge instead of going with the others.

While looking for the ingredients for the ritual that would save Grog, the party split up into two teams. Vex, Vax and Grog went to look for the heart of a nymph, while Scanlan, Pike and Keyleth sought the head of a Nightmare. They came back with very little time to spare, and during the ritual, Grog became possessed. The party had to fight back while Eskil Ryndarien pulled the lich's soul from his body.

Campaign One: Vox Machina[]


Fan made timeline of the adventures of Vox Machina, by Lalou.[art 6] (Full size image)

Arc 1: Kraghammer and Vasselheim[]


Official group portrait of Vox Machina, by Kit Buss. Shared by Matt Mercer on the Vox Machina Wiki in April 2015.[art 7]

Vox Machina entered the dwarven city of Kraghammer for the first time on their quest to find Lady Kima of Vord. They entered the mithral mine owned by Nostoc Greyspine with his permission and made their way deeper underground, battling many creatures along the way. They came across an illithid in hiding named Clarota, who tells them about a beholder named K'Varn who recently took over a duergar stronghold in the area. K'varn then took over Clarota's city, Yug'Voril, and took control of their elder brain. Noticing their common goal, Vox Machina offered to work together with Clarota to free his people and destroy K'varn. After interrogating a duergar general, they learned that Kima was kept in the Emberhold fortress. Inside, they found Kima tied up in a torture chamber and freed her.

Vox Machina and their allies stormed the Emberhold's throne room and killed the duergar king, Murghol, while the queen, Ulara, took Grog's unconscious body and fled. The party caught up with her and recovered Grog, witnessing Ulara's death by a psychic command of K'varn, then made their way to Yug'Voril. Infiltrating the temple from above, Vox Machina took on K'varn, who revealed that he possessed a Horn of Orcus. During the battle, Grog was killed, but quickly revived by Pike. Once K'varn was defeated, the colony of illithids attacked them in turn, with Clarota turning against the party as he rejoined the hivemind. The party escaped the city and returned to Emon thanks to Tiberius' Teleportation Circle.

Tumblr nqito6NyHN1uvzp11o1 1280

Keyleth and K'Varn, by Kit Buss.[art 8]

In Emon, the party first visited Allura, who reunited with Kima joyfully and advised them to show the Horn of Orcus to the Tal'Dorei Council. Summoned by Sovereign Uriel, they enter the palace, where the council determined that the Horn should be brought to the temple of Bahamut in Vasselheim, with Vox Machina tasked to escort it. They also heard word of an imminent visit from Lord and Lady Briarwood to discuss business. Percy, recognizing the names of the people who destroyed his family, asked to be present at this future meeting. The party visited Shaun Gilmore's shop, then departed for Vasselheim on a skyship.

They reached the Platinum Sanctuary where the Horn was sealed away safely. While in Vasselheim, Vox Machina hunted down a hydra that had been spotted over the wall. However, it was already claimed as a target by the Slayer's Take, who request that the group join their ranks to fix the magical contract they breached. The team is split in two to undergo a membership trial; the first group is joined by Lyra and Zahra Hydris and tasked to hunt the white dragon Rimefang, while the other is joined by Thorbir Falbek and Kashaw Vesh to locate and eliminate a rakshasa named Hotis. Afterwards, they decide to head to the nearby Ashari town of Pyrah so Keyleth could progress in her personal quest, the Aramenté. The party entered the Elemental Plane of Fire, where Keyleth completed her trial. After saying goodbye to Pike, who would be staying in Vasselheim to help restore a ruined temple of Sarenrae, the group teleported back to Emon.

Arc 2: The Briarwoods[]


Fan art of the Sun Tree, by Joma Cueto.[art 9]

With the visit of the Briarwoods coming soon, Percy finally opened up to the group, telling them the story of how they staged a coup in Whitestone and massacred the entire De Rolo family. At the request of Seeker Assum, who was also suspicious of the couple, they decided to disguise Percy as Vax'ildan during the dinner, while the real Vax would sneak to the Briarwoods' chambers to investigate. Vax was caught by the couple, with Sylas Briarwood revealing that he was a vampire. Vax escaped and called for help, and the party, helped by Lillith Daturai, chased after the Briarwoods, who ran away back to Whitestone. The party was accused of attacking the Briarwoods unprovoked by the Sovereign, and they decide to leave for Whitestone to liberate the city. They teleported to Westruun and continued on foot. Along the way, Tiberius left the party, heading to Draconia to ask for help.

Upon arrival in Whitestone, Vox Machina found several corpses had been hung on the Sun Tree at the center of town and disguised to look like them. Staying hidden, they contacted trusted members of the community and began planning a revolution, learning that Percy's sister Cassandra was still alive and working from the inside of the castle as a servant to the Briarwoods. They were also joined by Pike's astral form granted to her by Sarenrae. As the violence escalated, Percy often became engulfed in dark shadows as he was consumed by vengeance. The party first eliminated Sir Kerrion Stonefell and Count Tylieri, the Briarwoods' allies, then infiltrated the castle, where they found Anna Ripley, who they took as a prisoner. They found Cassandra held at knifepoint by Professor Byron Anders. They managed to kill him while keeping her safe, but Ripley escaped. Vox Machina followed the Briarwoods underground, where they found them guarding a triangular structure known as a ziggurat. After killing Lord Briarwood, they found a strange sphere at the center of the ziggurat which, after Delilah Briarwood completed a ritual, created an Antimagic Field that covered the entire ziggurat chamber. After they escaped the chamber, Percy began fighting a voice in his head telling him to kill his sister, and the shadow demon Orthax appeared. Once the demon had been subdued and Cassandra had killed Lady Briarwood, Scanlan stole Percy's gun and destroyed it by throwing it in a pit of acid, finally freeing Percy from his influence.

Whitestone by Kent Davis

Fan art of Whitestone (cropped from a larger image), by Kent Davis.[art 10]

With the city liberated, Vox Machina spent the next two weeks aiding in reconstruction efforts and celebrated Winter's Crest. Percy tasked Cassandra with establishing a new Chamber of Whitestone, then made their way back to Greyskull Keep, where they reunited with Pike and Tiberius. Tiberius announced that he was leaving Vox Machina to focus on his personal quest and earn the respect of his family. After meeting with Sovereign Uriel, Vox Machina's name was cleared. They apprehended the Briarwoods' contact in Emon, Riskel Daxio, and brought him to justice. The party was also visited by Scanlan's old gang, Dr. Dranzel's Spectacular Traveling Troupe, including Kaylie, who revealed to Scanlan that she was his daughter and attempted to kill him for his absence, but ultimately didn't follow through.

Arc 3: The Chroma Conclave[]

At the request of Dr. Dranzel, Vox Machina returned to the home of General Krieg (aka Brimscythe) and found a secret passageway. After clearing it of giant worms, they found a strange skull that they brought home, and headed to the palace for a special statement by Uriel Tal'Dorei: he declared stepping down as Sovereign, and that the Council would rule henceforth. Moments after, the city of Emon was suddenly attacked by a group of four chromatic dragons who named themselves the Chroma Conclave. In the destruction and chaos, Vox Machina fled to Greyskull Keep, where they welcomed refugees. After debating if they should use the skull, who offered to grant them a wish, to get rid of the dragons, they decide that it would be unwise to trust it. Allura joined them and explained that the Chroma Conclave is led by Thordak, a red dragon that she had locked in the Plane of Fire years ago, and who was responsible for the destruction of Vex and Vax's village and the death of their mother. He escaped from the elemental tear in Pyrah; Keyleth Scries on the Ashari village and finds it destroyed. After recovering the surviving royal family and Gilmore, they attempted to contact Emon's branch of the Clasp for help, but end up refusing to team up with them. Vox Machina took the Emon refugees to Whitestone, which remained untouched by the dragons for now.

All the Dragons - Linda Lithen

Fan art of the Chroma Conclave, by Linda Lithén.[art 11]

In Vasselheim, Vox Machina sought guidance from Osysa, the sphynx residing under the Slayer's Take. She informed them of the Vestiges of Divergence, legendary artifacts that could help them defeat the Chroma Conclave. Vox Machina sought one close by with the help of Kashaw, Zahra and Kima: the Deathwalker's Ward, a legendary set of armor worn by the Champion of the Raven Queen. In the champion's tomb, Percy unknowingly activated a trap, which killed Vex'ahlia instantly. As Kashaw cast Revivify, an image of The Raven Queen appeared, and Vax yelled at her to take him instead. Vex'ahlia came back to life, and gave her brother the armor. After a quick stop in Whitestone, Vox Machina traveled to Pyrah. With the help of Gern Blanston and the Fire Ashari survivors, they closed the tear to the Fire Plane. The leader of Pyrah, Cerkonos, shared that Thordak had been let free by a young girl they had taken in a few years ago but was actually the green dragon Raishan in disguise. Vox Machina made their way to the Frostweald, where they met Kamaljiori, Osysa's mate, who revealed the location of more Vestiges. Afterwards, Grog's soul was stolen by Craven Edge, the cursed blade of Sylas Briarwood that he had been wielding recently. After Pike revived him, the blade was sent to the Dread Emperor's plane. They then marched on Westruun, which had been overtaken by Grog's former tribe, the Herd of Storms and made an alliance with the black dragon Umbrasyl. Grog defeated the leader, his uncle Kevdak, and acquired his Titanstone Knuckles. Vox Machina then managed to kill Umbrasyl with the help of Shale. Returning to Westruun, they met Kerrek and helped the townspeople begin to rebuild.

Vox Machina returned to Vasselheim, where Vax'ildan spoke directly with the Raven Queen and learned of his duties as her new champion. While the party was resting in Whitestone, they were attacked by Hotis, the rakshasa who they had killed for the Slayer's Take, and destroyed his mortal form once more. They then Plane Shifted to the Feywild, where they met a satyr named Garmelie who took them to the city of Syngorn. The twins' father, Syldor Vessar, reluctantly accepted to help them meet Tyrelda, the high warden, who helped them locate the next Vestige. They traveled towards Shademurk Bog, where they defeated the corrupted Saundor and claimed the legendary bow, Fenthras. Upon returning to the Material Plane, Vox Machina arrived in Draconia, where they witnessed the complete destruction of the dragonborn city at the hands of Vorugal. They found the body of Tiberius, who died trying to protect his home, and agreed to return soon to help the surviving Ravenites destroy the white dragon. Vox Machina traveled to Ank'Harel, where they met its leader, J'mon Sa Ord, who asked them to prove their worth against a cobalt golem, then revealed their true brass dragon form. The party then located the home of Mistress Asharru, the last known owner of the vestige Cabal's Ruin, and found her assassinated by Anna Ripley. Following Ripley to the Isle of Glintshore, they battled her and the demon Orthax, who made a pact with her as well, and killed them both. Recovering Cabal's Ruin, as well as the legendary dagger Whisper, they brought the body of Percy, who died in the battle, back to Whitestone to be revived by Pike.

Vox Machina were then approached by Seeker Assum, who was revealed to be the green dragon Raishan using his likeness. Raishan offered an alliance to Vox Machina; she would help them defeat Vorugal and Thordak. Thordak had gone mad, and the two dragons were now a thorn in her plans. Although they did not trust her, Vox Machina accepted with the intent to kill her later, and they headed back to Draconia. During the battle, the goristro Yenk was summoned, and the legendary Spire of Conflux was retrieved from his body once Vorugal was defeated. Vox Machina quickly went back to the Plane of Fire to visit the City of Brass, where they recovered the legendary Plate of the Dawnmartyr, the final vestige known to them. Upon their return, they helped fight off an attack on Fort Daxio, then met up with the rest of their allies and the gathered armies of Tal'Dorei and Syngorn to finally take back Emon. Both Vex'ahlia and Scanlan fell in the battle and quickly revived. Thordak was finally defeated, but after J'mon Sa Ord was summoned to help, Raishan escaped with Thordak's corpse. Trailing her to the faraway Island of Viscan, Vox Machina fought a difficult battle where Percy and Scanlan both fell. With the help of Kerrek, Raishan was defeated. Percy was revived, but the attempt on Scanlan failed, and he was rushed to Whitestone for a resurrection ritual.

Arc 4: Taryon Darrington[]

Taryon - Ameera

Fan art of Taryon Darrington, by Ameera.[art 12]

Waking up to find that Vox Machina had told his daughter of his death, Scanlan lashed out and left Vox Machina with Kaylie. The party, shocked by his departure, made a quick stop in Ank'Harel for a delivery and were accosted by Taryon Darrington, who bought their services as adventuring companions. Now free to pursue personal goals, Vox Machina headed to Vesrah to complete the last trial on Keyleth's Aramenté. Tasked with retrieving lodestones from a Kraken's lair, they succeeded, but Vax'ildan was killed. Pike's astral projection appeared and brought him back to life, and the party returned to Greyskull Keep to rest. In Keyleth's hometown of Zephrah, she received the title of Voice of the Tempest. Vox Machina then entered the City of Dis in the Nine Hells to destroy Hotis once and for all. After Percy made a deal with the fiend Ipkesh, they were granted passage in Mentiri, where they met the were-bear Tova, who helped them complete their contract and destroy Hotis. Back in Whitestone, Vex'ahlia completed the Grey Hunt and earned her title of Baroness of Whitestone.

Having completed all of their goals, Vox Machina spent the rest of the year taking some time off. Vax and Keyleth stayed in Zephrah, Pike and Grog spent some time in Vasselheim, and Vex, Percy and Taryon settled in Whitestone. Vex, Pike, Tary and Keyleth opened a bakery in Whitestone called the Slayer's Cake. The party reunited for a well deserved vaction in Shammel during Winter's Crest. Upon their return to Whitestone, they were visited by a portion of the Trickfoot family, who tried to scam Pike out of her money. While attempting to dive off a cliff to recover a lost diamond, Keyleth lost her life, but was revived by Vex'ahlia using a Coin of Revivify created by Taryon. The very next day, Taryon was kidnapped by the bounty hunter K'ryyn who took him back to Wildemount at his father's request. Vox Machina caught up to them and freed Tary, then elected to go to Deastok to confront Howaardt Darrington. He revealed that their family is in financial trouble due to the local crime gang, the Myriad. The group contacted the Myriad and agreed to do a job for them to erase the Darrington's debt, heading inside a mine to destroy a gestating guardian called Symphior. When they returned, Tary announced that he'll soon return to take over as the head of the family. Back in Whitestone, Vox Machina was approached by Lionel Gayheart who told them that his boss, Aes Adan, has news for them. Suspicious, the party met with Aes, and uncovered his real identity: Scanlan. He and Kaylie had been living in Ank'Harel, where took on the persona of Aes Adan, a local crime boss. He came to tell them that a new ziggurat, identical to the one under Whitestone, had been discovered by Lionel.

Arc 5: Vecna[]

Thar Amphala by Thomas Brin

Fan art of Thar Amphala, by Thomas Brin.[art 13]

Vox Machina headed to the new ziggurat to investigate, and found a group of cultists surrounding another black orb, including a revived Delilah Briarwood. Vox Machina discovered that the cultists were planning on completing the Ritual of Seeding which would return the lich Vecna to physical form. Taryon returned home, hiring Lionel as the first member of his brigade, and the rest of the group traveled to Thar Amphala, a city in the Shadowfell where the ritual was to take place. They destroyed the tower of Entropis, but failed to stop the ritual. While battling Vecna, Vex'ahlia was killed and Vax completely disintegrated. After reviving Vex, the party escaped via Plane Shift to the Feywild. Vax'ildan was granted a temporary body by by the Raven Queen under the condition that he help destroy Vecna, then come back to her.

Seeking guidance from the gods against this powerful enemy, Vox Machina was granted access to Elysium, where the goddess Sarenrae told them about the Rites of Prime Banishment, which would allow them to banish Vecna for good. She gave Pike, her champion, the Blessing of the Everlight and sent them to meet Pelor. He offered to make one of them his Champion, and Vex'ahlia took on the task, earning the Blessing of the Dawnfather. Travelling to The Pools of Wittebak, they encountered Sprigg. After defending his home from an ambush by Vecna, they were guided by him to the Endless Athenaeum. There, they met the goddess Ioun, who challenged Scanlan to locate the Tome of Isolation to earn his title of Champion of Ioun. Scanlan succeeded and earned Ioun's Blessing, while Grog received the knowledge to forge the Prime Trammels and Percy, the knowledge to design them. She warned the party that Vecna had managed to ascend to godhood and had to be stopped very quickly. Vox Machina traveled to Scaldseat, where they discovered the Core Anvil of the All-Hammer. Grog and Percy succeeded in forging the prime trammels, and Vox Machina traveled to Vasselheim, where Vecna was headed.

Vox Machina vs Vecna - Kent Davis

Fan art of the final battle, by Kent Davis.[art 14]

Vox Machina met with the War Council of Vasselheim. The city of Thar Amphala had been brought to the Material Plane and now sat on top of a massive Earth titan, which was walking towards the city. Vox Machina flew towards it on the back of De'vossa in an attempt to intercept it in time. Entering at the base of the Titan, they climbed up through the ancient dwarven city of Thomara, retrieving the Sword of Kas from the depths of the Titan on the way. However, their presence was revealed, and they were ambushed by Delilah and Sylas Briarwood. Overpowered, Vox Machina fled once more to the Feywild, where they contacted Artagan and asked that he manipulate the flow of time to allow them to rest, then return to the Material Plane as if no time had gone by. Artagan accepted in exchange for permission to strangle Vax'ildan to death. Vax, knowing his body would return the next day, accepted. Their strength regained, Vox Machina Plane Shifted into Thar Amphala and headed straight to Vecna, joined by Arkhan along the way. They managed to complete the Rites of Prime Banishment, effectively destroying Vecna's forces and sending the titan back into slumber. However, Arkhan grabbed the Hand of Vecna before teleporting away.

After victory was announced in Vasselheim, the Raven Queen arrived to claim Vax'ildan, who said his last goodbyes to the group. Vox Machina then returned to Whitestone to celebrate their victory and honor the memory of Vax'ildan.



The actors cosplaying as their characters. From left to right: Vax'ildan, Grog, Keyleth, Scanlan, Vex'ahlia, Pike, and Percy.

As Vox Machina was celebrating in Whitestone, Grog pulled out the Void card from his Deck of Many Things, causing his soul to become trapped in Pandemonium. Vox Machina traveled back to Vasselheim for help and were joined by Lieve'tel Toluse and Bertrand Bell, then Plane Shifted to Pandemonium. They found Grog's soul encased in a ruby guarded by a corrupted Empyrean. After freeing Grog, they had to hunt down a githzerai they called Bob, who had stolen many of their things, including the tuning fork necessary to return home. After finding him, Pike cast Greater Restoration on him, freeing his mind from the corruption of Pandemonium. He introduced himself as Shanak, and Vox Machina helped him return to his home plane before heading back home.

One year later, Vex'ahlia and Percival hosted their official wedding at Dalen's Closet in Shammel. During the rehearsal dinner, all the guests were knocked out, and the bride and groom were taken by Sylas Briarwood, who threw them into the ocean in revenge for killing his wife. Percy managed to escape his bounds, but Vex'ahlia drowned. Her body was recovered and she was brought back to life by Pike. Vox Machina destroyed Sylas once and for all, and Vex and Percy decided to get married then and there on the cliff. However, Scanlan interrupted the wedding to cast Wish, and he caused Vax'ildan to appear for a few minutes. After he was gone, Pike pronounced them husband and wife.


Uncle Grog and the De Rolo kids by Wesley Griffith

Fan art of Grog telling tales to his friends' children, by Wesley Griffith.[art 15]

Vox Machina retired from adventuring, with its members settling in different places. Keyleth returned to Zephrah to become the leader of her people. Scanlan and Pike married in Westruun and had two children together before separating amicably. Grog lived with them initially, then moved to Whitestone. Percival and Vex'ahlia settled in Whitestone and had five children, on top of dealing with numerous political responsibilities. Taryon eventually moved to Port Damali with his husband. However, the members of Vox Machina stayed connected, and often spend time together in Whitestone.

The Legend of Vox Machina[]

Season One[]


Screenshot of Scanlan Shorthalt introducing Vox Machina to the Tal'Dorei Council from "The Terror of Tal'Dorei - Part 1" (LVM1x01).[art 16]

In the animated adaptation of Campaign One, Vox Machina first appeared in Emon, where they attempted to make ends meet as a group of mercenaries. They were flat broke and had been banned from every tavern in the city. As they contemplated their failures, Scanlan found a public notice from Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei offering a reward to any mercenary who could kill the unknown beast laying waste to the Shalesteps. Vox Machina appeared before the Tal'Dorei Council to take on the job. Although most of its members weren't convinced, General Krieg spoke in their favor, and the Sovereign agreed.

Vox Machina was escorted to the Shalesteps by Allura Vysoren on a skyship. They questionned the inhabitants of a nearby village, then tracked the creature to the coastline. A blue dragon emerged from the mist and laid waste to the party, destroying the cliffs above them and flying away. The party, saved by Keyleth's vines, agreed that they were no match for a dragon and made their way back to the village. They found it destroyed, with the family they had interogated all dead. Shocked by this injustice and feeling responsible for their deaths, the party agreed that they would stop at nothing to kill the dragon. They began suspecting that Gregory Fince was working with the dragon and tailed him to General Krieg's house, confronting him. Before Fince could explain, he was killed by Krieg. Chasing him through a magic portal, the party appeared in the dragon's lair. Krieg transformed into the blue dragon, revealing his true identity: Brimscythe. Vax'ildan recognized his weak spot from a book Gilmore had shown him, and the party managed to killed him. After escaping the crumbling lair with a dragon tooth, they presented it to the Sovereign, who named them "Protectors of the Realm", made them all honorary members of the Tal'dorei Council, and gave them the deed to a nearby keep as a reward.

A few days later, Vox Machina was invited to a great banquet held at the Palace of the Sovereign, where dignitaries from around the continent came to discuss security measures in Tal'Dorei. At the arrival of Sylas and Delilah Briarwood, Percy told the others that they had killed his entire family. During the dinner, Sylas magically charmed the Sovereign to join his side. Returning to their room, they found Vax'ildan, who had snuck in and stolen a mysterious book from their belongings. Vax escaped through the window, and Vox Machina quickly joined him to battle the Briarwoods in the courtyard. The Briarwoods ran away in their carriage and Percy, in a blind rage, began threatening their servant, Desmond. Uriel arrived before he could kill him and ordered Vox Machina's arrest. Allura vouched for them, and they were put on house arrest by Captain Jarett Howarth while she investigated their claims that Uriel had been charmed.

While they were waiting, the keep was attacked by undead creatures summoned by Delilah, who killed all the guards and attempted to steal back the book that Vax took earlier. They managed to kill the creatures, and Jarett agreed to let them go to Whitestone to avenge his men. Pike decided to stay and try and reconnect with the Everlight, her holy symbol having been severed by Delilah. They stopped by Gilmore's Glorious Goods, then left town in a stolen cart. On the way to Whitestone, they were attacked by mutated wolf creatures, who managed to steal the book back. Their horses killed and carriage destroyed, Vox Machina reached Whitestone on foot.

Upon arrival, they were greeted by seven bodies dressed up to look like them and hanged on the Sun Tree. Keeper Yennen led the group to a hideout and informed Percy that the resistance was led by his childhood friend Archibald Desnay, who had just been captured. Vox Machina infiltrated the prison where Archie was being kept. Percy came face to face with Kerrion Stonefell, the first name written on his gun, and murdered him. Escaping the burning prison, Percy learned from Archie that his sister, Cassandra, was still alive. The group hid close to Professor Anders' estate where she was kept and waited while Scanlan raided the mansion of Goran Vedmire across town. Scanlan succeeded in setting the house on fire, calling over most of Anders' guards, and the rest of the group began moving towards Cassandra. When Percy found her, Anders slit her throat and began taunting him, luring him into the next room where he had magical sets of armor attack him. Keyleth managed to save Cassandra, and Vox Machina faced Anders together. However,Anders charmed Grog, then the others, to attack Percy. With a well aimed shot, Percy severed Anders' jaw and the magical tongue that allowed him to control everyone, then moved closer to finish him off, the black smoke rising once again.

Meanwhile, Pike had been trying and failing to contact the Everlight for several days. She eventually succeeded, and the Everlight accused Pike of lying to herself, encouraging her to choose her path and walk it with truth.

Scanlan reunited with Vox Machina in the streets, as he was being chased by an army of undead raised by Delilah. The group hid in a safehouse of the resistance, but were quickly forced to flee as they began tearing down the building. In the streets, Vedmire caught up to them, and Archibald was killed while trying to protect Scanlan. Heading towards the Sun Tree, they met up with other survivors, and Keyleth managed to stop the flow of zombies with a wall of ice. In a moment of respite, Percy announced himself to the citizens of Whitestone and encouraged them to fight. The undead reached them and the fighting continued, with Vax taking a moment to tell Keyleth he was in love with her, but she pulled away because of his terrible timing. At this moment, a light appeared in the sky, and the astral projection of Pike landed at their feet, destroying several undead and empowering the people's weapons with holy light. Keeper Yennen insisted that Vox Machina start heading towards the castle. The people won the battle and hung Vedmire to the Sun Tree.

As the entered the castly through the dungeons, Vox Machina encountered the locked up Anna Ripley who pleaded for help.

Season Two[]


Vox Machina ailustrar

Fan art of Vox Machina, by Adrián Ibarra Lugo.[art 17]

The original name of the group was the Super High-Intensity Team, but the players decided to abandon the name once they began to gain renown because of the acronym that it spelled out, although they still occasionally refer to themselves as "the S.H.I.T.s". The group debated calling themselves the Order of the Brotherhood of the Sisterhood, but chose the name Vox Machina.[12] Vox Machina is Latin for "voice machine", a nod to the cast of voice actors.


Vox Machina Crest by BlackSalander

Fan art of the Vox Machina Crest, by BlackSalander.[art 18]

At the beginning of Campaign One, Vox Machina was a group of eight adventurers plus Vex'ahlia's companion, Trinket. Tiberius parted from the group amicably in "A Musician's Nostalgia" (1x37).[13] Scanlan left the group after a very emotional confrontation in "A Bard's Lament" (1x85), but returned in "Masquerade" (1x99). Taryon joined Vox Machina in Scanlan's absence. After defeating Vecna, the party retired from adventuring.

Name Class Status Location
Grog Strongjaw Barbarian / Fighter Alive Living in Whitestone[14]
Keyleth Druid Alive Headmaster of the Air Ashari in Zephrah
Percival de Rolo Fighter Alive Architect of Enlightened Progress of Whitestone
Pike Trickfoot Cleric Alive Taking care of the temple of Sarenrae in Whitestone[15]
Scanlan Shorthalt Bard Alive Traveling around; staying in Ank'Harel with Kaylie in the winter and in Whitestone in the summer[16]
Taryon Darrington Artificer Alive Writing novels in Port Damali[17]
Tiberius Stormwind Sorcerer Deceased Fell while defending Draconia from Vorugal
Vax'ildan Rogue / Paladin / Druid Unknown Abandoned his mortal form to become Champion of the Raven Queen after defeating Vecna
Vex'ahlia Ranger / Rogue Alive Baroness of the First House of Whitestone & Mistress of Coin in Emon


Name Species Status Location
Doty Construct Alive Assistant to Taryon in Port Damali
Lockheed Pseudodragon Unknown Released in the wild around Whitestone
Trinket Bear Alive Living with Vex'ahlia in Whitestone


Originally, the alignments of Vox Machina were as follows: Keyleth, Percy, and Vex were neutral good, Pike, Scanlan, Tiberius, and Vax were chaotic good, and Grog was chaotic neutral.[18] After "Crimson Diplomacy" (1x25), there was an unspecified alignment change to a character,[19] which was likely either Percy or Tiberius due to their actions during said episode. It was confirmed at Wizard World that Tiberius's alignment had changed.[20] After "Cindergrove Revisited" (1x46), Vex's alignment changed to chaotic neutral due to many behaviors and actions culminating in the theft of Gern Blanston's flying broom and then lying about it.[21] During "Where the Cards Fall" (1x75), Vex's alignment changed to chaotic good due to a series of decisions, including her outspoken concern for two young enslaved aasimar.[22]



The actors cosplaying as their characters. From top left: Keyleth, Percy, Grog, Scanlan, Tiberius, and Pike. From bottom left: Vax'ildan, Matthew Mercer, and Vex'ahlia.

Vax is one of the main damage dealers in the group, partly because he tends to be the one scouting ahead, though he is sometimes accompanied by his sister Vex'ahlia. Grog carries the group's Bag of Holding and is another of the main damage dealers, serving as a tank and protecting the less armored party members. Scanlan is occasionally used for infiltration and subterfuge, and Keyleth has been known to do aerial reconnaissance and transportation. Pike is the group's main healer, though Keyleth, Vex, and Scanlan also have healing abilities, albeit to a more limited extent.

Keyleth often tries to act as the conscience of the group. Though others may agree with her, she is often the most vocal about advocating for doing the right thing or worrying about a person's well-being, against more eloquent members who don't share her concerns. Vex'ahlia is the group's treasurer. She keeps track of the party's funds and distributes any earnings among them. She is also a skilled haggler and tends to handle most of Vox Machina's business transactions, while Percy tends to handle negotiations.

Relationships Within the Group[]

Intraparty Relationships of Vox Machina
Grog Keyleth Percy Pike Scanlan Taryon Tiberius Trinket Vax'ildan Vex'ahlia
Grog Grog Keyleth & Grog Percy & Grog Pike & Grog Scanlan & Grog Taryon & Grog Tiberius & Grog Trinket & Grog Vax'ildan & Grog Vex'ahlia & Grog
Keyleth Grog & Keyleth Keyleth Percy & Keyleth Pike & Keyleth Scanlan & Keyleth Taryon & Keyleth Tiberius & Keyleth Trinket & Keyleth Vax'ildan & Keyleth Vex'ahlia & Keyleth
Percy Grog & Percy Keyleth & Percy Percy Pike & Percy Scanlan & Percy Taryon & Percy Tiberius & Percy Trinket & Percy Vax'ildan & Percy Vex'ahlia & Percy
Pike Grog & Pike Keyleth & Pike Percy & Pike Pike Scanlan & Pike Taryon & Pike Tiberius & Pike Trinket & Pike Vax'ildan & Pike Vex'ahlia & Pike
Scanlan Grog & Scanlan Keyleth & Scanlan Percy & Scanlan Pike & Scanlan Scanlan (not applicable) Tiberius & Scanlan Trinket & Scanlan Vax'ildan & Scanlan Vex'ahlia & Scanlan
Taryon Grog & Taryon Keyleth & Taryon Percy & Taryon Pike & Taryon (not applicable) Taryon (not applicable) Trinket & Taryon Vax'ildan & Taryon Vex'ahlia & Taryon
Tiberius Grog & Tiberius Keyleth & Tiberius Percy & Tiberius Pike & Tiberius Scanlan & Tiberius (not applicable) Tiberius Trinket & Tiberius Vax'ildan & Tiberius Vex'ahlia & Tiberius
Trinket Grog & Trinket Keyleth & Trinket Percy & Trinket Pike & Trinket Scanlan & Trinket Taryon & Trinket Tiberius & Trinket Trinket Vax'ildan & Trinket Vex'ahlia & Trinket
Vax'ildan Grog & Vax'ildan Keyleth & Vax'ildan Percy & Vax'ildan Pike & Vax'ildan Scanlan & Vax'ildan Taryon & Vax'ildan Tiberius & Vax'ildan Trinket & Vax'ildan Vax'ildan Vex'ahlia & Vax'ildan
Vex'ahlia Grog & Vex'ahlia Keyleth & Vex'ahlia Percy & Vex'ahlia Pike & Vex'ahlia Scanlan & Vex'ahlia Taryon & Vex'ahlia Tiberius & Vex'ahlia Trinket & Vex'ahlia Vax'ildan & Vex'ahlia Vex'ahlia

Allies and friends[]


Photograph of the miniatures originally used by Vox Machina alongside a Horn of Orcus, by Liam O'Brien.[art 19]

See also: Category:Allies

Guest Player Characters



VM Symbol b

Fan art of Vox Machina Logo (blending of fanart & official website concepts), by Aaron Larsen.[art 20]

Vox Machina has defeated many foes over the years. There are also a few groups of people/adversaries that would probably oppose them when the time comes.


  • The Clasp: Spireling Shenn called Vox Machina the enemy of the guild for not agreeing to spread Clasp's influence in Vasselheim in return for help against the Chroma Conclave.[23] However, the guild was an antagonist force only when was paid by Hotis to send assassins after Vox Machina.
  • Master Vouk: A collaborator with the Briarwoods in Whitestone, Vouk's forehead was branded and had his tongue ripped out by Vox Machina before fleeing, his status following this is unknown.
  • Duke Goran Vedmire: After serving as a duke under the Briarwoods, he was allowed to live in Whitestone to serve the community as penance for his crimes against the people.[24]
  • Orthax: A shadow demon who has made vengeance pacts with both Percival de Rolo and Anna Ripley.
  • Craven Edge: Grog's sentient sword that upon being satisfied by feeding upon Grog's kills sucked out Grog's soul. The damage was undone by Pike and Craven Edge was banished by Keyleth via Plane Shift far from the material plane where it can do harm.
  • Ghurrix: Ghurrix was slain by Vox Machina; his essence is reforming in the Nine Hells, but he has been demoted and tortured for his supposed assassination attempt, a lie put about by Scanlan.
  • Kraken: An intelligent creature that Keyleth's mother failed to avoid in her final Aramenté trial. It toyed with Vox Machina until enough damage was done that it began to fight them seriously, killing Vax. It is trapped in the Elemental Plane of Water and is aggressively territorial.
  • Arkhan: Stole the Hand of Vecna and attached it to himself, claiming just before he Teleported away: "I'm sorry, it was just business. Until we meet again."
  • Vecna: Not actually dead, but banished and sealed away nonetheless.[25]



  • In the very first session played by the group, which was supposed to be a one-shot for Liam O'Brien's birthday, Marisha Ray was present, but instead of playing, she helped the others with the game, as most had never played Dungeons & Dragons before. She created Keyleth and joined the party in a later session.
  • Similarly, Taliesin Jaffe played a different character for the first session of the game, a dragonborn paladin. This character hasn't been mentioned in official Critical Role media, and it is unknown if he appeared in other sessions, or why Taliesin ended up playing as Percival de Rolo later on.
  • In May 2018 Obsidian Entertainment released a DLC, the "Critical Role Pack" for their video game Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. The seven members of Vox Machina and Gilmore were featured as playable companions, and were voiced over by the cast. Two advertising videos ("Critical Role Announcement For Pre-Order" and "Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire -- You Control Critical Role!") were released to promote their involvement for the game. The cast also voiced over other characters in the game.
    • For the first game, released in March 2015, Orion Acaba voiced as the narrator for the E3 Demo, whereas Matt Mercer, Liam O'Brien, Sam Riegel and Taliesin Jaffe voiced characters.
    • Matt had previously used an extensive amount of the first game's soundtrack for the background music of Critical Role after receiving Obsidian Entertainment's approval.[34][35] The track "Twin Elms" was notably used to support fan arts during breaks of the Vox Machina campaign.[36]
  • During one of their adventures (back when the campaign was a home game) they were in a subterranean area, and eventually they discovered that they were inside a giant corpse, and the map of the area actually reflected it.[37]
  • All the members of the cast got the Vox Machina symbol tattooed (a combined V and M), but while Taliesin, Travis and Sam decided to place theirs inside a circle, the other cast members chose to do it with a square, causing the entire tattoo to look like the Gmail logo.[38]

Official art[]

Vox Machina Official Art

Official campaign art of Vox Machina, by Kit Buss.[art 21]

LoVM OfficialDesigns

Official character designs for The Legend of Vox Machina, by Phil Bourassa.[art 23]

Vox Machina by Andrey Vasilchenko

Official art of Vox Machina, by Andrey Vasilchenko from Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting, p. 100, and @drawborn on Instagram.[art 24]


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