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Master Vouk Strono[3] is an older man who worked for Sir Kerrion Stonefell and the Briarwoods. As an NPC, he is played by Matthew Mercer.



Master Vouk is an older man with rare patches of long gray hair that go past his shoulders. He wears dark leather armor, covered with a long cloak.[4]



Part of the Briarwoods' plot to overthrow the de Rolo family, Vouk remained in Whitestone as an enforcer for Sir Kerrion Stonefell. During his time in their employ, the Briarwoods took Vouk beneath Castle Whitestone and showed him what they were doing—despite looking down on him as little more than a peasant.

"Whispers" (1x29)[]

Vouk and Kerrion discussed increasing the quantity of defenses and traps the mansion had, in preparation for the expected arrival of Vox Machina. Coincidentally, Vox Machina arrived and burst through the door. Due to Scanlan's Seeming, the party members all seemed to be peasants. Kerrion and the others were quickly killed in a surprise assault, and Vouk was knocked unconscious by Keyleth.

Vouk was brought back to consciousness while being held and gagged. Vox Machina interrogated him about Whitestone and the Briarwoods, before he pled for his life, offering to help them sneak into Whitestone. Percy told them to let him live, but had Grog tear out Vouk's tongue. Percy then used a hot gun barrel to cauterize the wound and brand the de Rolo family crest into Vouk's head. Percy's torture of Vouk, along with other recent events involving Orthax, left Vax, Vex, and Keyleth feeling very uncomfortable.

Grog then threw Vouk out the window into the rain. Vouk got to his feet and ran to the guards, who helped him out of his bonds, but by then the house was already on fire and Vox Machina had fled.

Character Information[]

Rogue abilities[]

  • Cunning Action[5]


  • Invisibility
  • Misty Step
  • Haste

Notable Items[]

  • Two shortswords

Appearances and mentions[]


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