The Volstrucker[1], known colloquially as "Scourgers", are the Dwendalian Empire's elite assassins, regarded by most Dwendalian citizens as ghost stories and urban legends often told to children as bogeymen to warn against disobeying parents or staying out too late. Only the Empire's elite are aware that the Scourgers truly exist. Even the Expositors of the Cobalt Soul have difficulty verifying the truth about the Scourgers.[2] The Volstrucker answer directly to Master Trent Ikithon of the Cerberus Assembly.[3]

The Volstrucker are mages, hidden spies, and executioners,[4] a clandestine organization of arcane assassins and enforcers.[5]

Known Members


  • The word "Volstrucker" is similar to the German word Vollstrecker which means "enforcer".


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