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The Volstrucker,[1][2] known colloquially as "Scourgers", are the Dwendalian Empire's elite assassins, regarded by most Dwendalian citizens as ghost stories and urban legends often told to children as bogeymen to warn against disobeying parents or staying out too late. Only the Empire's elite are aware that the Scourgers truly exist. Even the Expositors of the Cobalt Soul have difficulty verifying the truth about the Scourgers.[3] The Volstrucker answer directly to Master Trent Ikithon of the Cerberus Assembly.[4]

The Volstrucker are mages, hidden spies, and executioners,[5] a clandestine organization of arcane assassins and enforcers.[6]

Selection and Training[]

Every few years, Trent Ikithon returns to the Soltryce Academy to select talented students to recruit into the scourgers. The headmaster of the Academy, Zivan Margolin, keeps an eye out for prospects. At Trent's summer home on the grounds of the Vergesson Sanatorium, he uses experimental mental conditioning, which he calls "awakening," to groom the students to obey orders unquestioningly and kill mercilessly. Many students simply go mad and are locked away in the Sanatorium, but those who endure become Volstrucker.[7]

As part of the "awakening", Volstrucker receive implants partly made of residuum to strengthen the students' magical abilities. In the process, the residuum crystals leave noticeable scars across the arms.[8] The arms of the Volstrucker are also covered with black maze-like tattoos.[9]


Volstrucker agents can communicate with each other across long distances by writing a message in arcane ink (the same kind used by wizards for transcribing spells), addressing it to any other member, and tossing the letter into a fire. The letter appears on the person of the agent to whom it is addressed.[6]

Glyph Chant: Activates through the black maze-like tattoos on the arms; quickens movement among other advantages.[10]


The Blumentrio - Bunchu

Fan art of Bren, Astrid, and Eadwulf, by Bunchu.[art 2]

Bren Aldric Ermendrud (later known as Caleb Widogast) had "made it quite far in the process" of becoming a Volstrucker[11] when he suffered a mental break and was locked up in the Sanatorium. His peers from his hometown, Astrid and Eadwulf, continued and became Volstrucker.

During the War of Ash and Light, the Empire sent Scourgers to assassinate key members of the Kryn Dynasty just as the Empire launched a major assault to retake the Ashguard Garrison. However, the Mighty Nein were Scrying upon the meeting where the orders were given,[12] and they warned the Kryn leadership,[13] allowing the Dynasty to stop the Volstrucker and even capture one alive.[14]

After the end of the War of Ash and Light and the capture and imprisonment of Trent Ikithon, an investigation of the Cobalt Soul led by Expositor Beauregard Lionett and Caleb Widogast put a stop to the volstrucker program, with the intention to replace them, eventually, with wardens of some kind.[15]

Known Members[]


  • The word "Volstrucker" is similar to the German word Vollstrecker which means "enforcer".


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