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Visa Isle is the larger of two small islands off the coast of the Bladeshimmer Shoreline of Tal'Dorei, directly west of the Feshun Narrows. It is shrouded in legend and is extremely dangerous.[1]


Visa Isle, and its unnamed sister island, are both known for their dense jungles, strange fauna, haunted ruins, orange glow, and the clouds of black smoke that they regularly emit. Legend has it that these islands burn to ash every night and are completely regrown by the morning.[1] In addition to the dangerous animal life, the island also holds the ruins of Vos'sykriss, which are haunted by the ghosts of the serpentfolk who once lived there.[1]


The island is covered in a dense, tree-filled jungle.


There are normal wild pigs on the island, as well as unusually large mantises and fire beetles.[1]


Once, Visa Isle was home to Vos'sykriss, the capital of an ancient serpentfolk empire, but it was destroyed in the Calamity. Seers of the empire foresaw the Calamity; to survive its dangers, the empire created a magical stasis field under Vos'sykriss where its strongest people waited to one day emerge and rebuild their empire.[1]

Most visitors to the island have encountered the dangerous fauna, and only one expedition to the ruins specifically has ever survived - that of Jorlund Vohr. During that expedition, he and his team delved into the city's deepest sanctums, where they unknowingly ended the ancient spell keeping the Sleepers in stasis, allowing the suspended serpentfolk to awaken. Immediately after he returned to Emon, however, his notes and recovered artifacts were destroyed when the Chroma Conclave attacked the city. As of 812 PD he was hoping to launch a second expedition.[1]



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