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Vide Cay is a small isle of the Swavain Islands located southeast of the island of Brokenbank. It is home to a small society of fey who frustrate the Revelry's attempts to use the island.


Vide Cay is located in the Lucidian Ocean off the Menagerie Coast about 50 miles southeast of the island of Brokenbank, nearly 200 miles north of Bwualli, and nearly 200 miles south of Palma Flora.[1] The terrain comprises large, craggy hills set around a valley housing an enchanted tropical forest. The sea around the island is filled with dangerous rocks and rough waters, which discourages most travel.[2]

A small fey society lives in the enchanted tropical island, protected by a faerie witch who magically confounds those who try to rob or enslave them. This witch is the subject of complaints from pirates of the Revelry attempting to use the island.[2] Vide Cay seems to be otherwise uninhabited.


"Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37)

Avantika asked Fjord for the location of the Cloven Crystal in his possession. He lied and told her that it was on an island surrounded by Deep Row Reef. When she provided him a map to point out precisely where, he picked Vide Cay, claiming there to be a ruined and unguarded fort just off the shores of the isle.[3]


  • A cay, or a key, is a small, low, and often sandy island atop a coral reef.[4] Presumably, the reef Vide Cay is lying upon is part of Deep Row Reef, labeled on the map in the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount a little over 100 miles southwest of the isle.[1]


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