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Vidalla[1] is a drow girl hired by Nott to watch over the Xhorhaus. As an NPC, Vidalla is played by Matthew Mercer.

Vedalla - Kileigh Gallagher

Fan art of Vidalla, by Kileigh Gallagher.[art 2]



Vidalla is a sweet young bright-eyed drow girl whose platinum-white hair goes almost to a purple tint at the tips. It is very well kept in the back and tied in two places. She wears nice standard clothing.[2]


Vidalla's main interest seems to be in the money she can earn, and she quotes (and gets) a much higher-than-normal amount for house-sitting the Xhorhaus, although she also makes clear she won't work for the Mighty Nein if they are very difficult.


"With Great Power..." (2x94)[]

Nott hired Vidalla when she found her sweeping up outside a livery stable in the Corona District of Rosohna. She brought her back to the Xhorhaus where she was interviewed by the rest of the Mighty Nein under a Zone of Truth, and although it was clear she quoted a very high price for house-sitting, they employed her to take care of the house while they're away.

Appearances and mentions[]


  • As of "The Streets of the Forgotten" (2x134), it had been about ten weeks since Vidalla had seen (or been paid by) the Mighty Nein. She had eventually quit (having only been paid for about a month up front), but might be persuaded to come back if the Nein gave her some backpay.[3]


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