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Located in the center of the Pentamarket[1] of Zadash, this two-leveled[2] circular arena[3] and forum-like stone structure, although having been empty and closed in weeks leading up to the Harvest Close Festival,[4] served as the staging ground for a fighting tournament during the festivities.


Beyond the central archway that served as the main entryway[5] was a shaded receiving area where, on a pedestal, a barker directed spectators to the seating areas. Located 10 feet behind the barker was a wooden door that lead through a slight hallway into a comfortably furnished lounge area.

Lounge Area[]

Lowly lit by a few torches, this 40-by-40-foot[6] room had windows that looked out onto the main battle area.[7]

Prior to the tournament, this room served as a mingling room for persons of import within the Empire and beyond. This lounge, furnished with cushioned couches, was where merchants from the Menagerie Coast and Marquet,[8] diplomats, and politicians could meet with the fighting groups and discuss business among each other. Once the tournament had concluded this chamber was once again filled with a similar crowd, though only the victorious fighting groups were present for the celebrations.[9]

Holding Area[]

Located in a lower chamber from the lounge area[10] below some of the arena stands,[11] this area served as the place where the competing fight groups would wait before[12] and between rounds.[13]

This chamber had two windowed doors that led into the central tournament arena. The interior was outfitted with around three dozen simple stools, and contained a few tables containing cornucopias of fruits and meats that that were left for the fighters to enjoy.[14]

Fighting Pit[]

Fighting Pit1

The Fighting Pit

The Victory Pit 1

Consisting of a large open circular sand pit, the space had small wall-like structures and pillars that could provide some cover.[15]

The circumference of the pit contained four large doors[16] from which creatures would be released.[17] To keep the fighting groups on their toes, the door out of which a creature would emerge was kept a surprise.[18]


  • Barker: A very old looking human male in his late 50's who wore long dark gray and brown set of robes. He had a comb-over of thinning hair and a broom-like gray mustache that was poorly colored with dark wax.[19]
  • Servants: Carrying trays of food and drink trays, these individuals wearing brown silk robes wandered between guests in the lounge area and tended to their needs.[20]
  • Yadaka Brigman: Guildhead of the Filigree House, he was the organizer of the harvest close tournament. In his early 60s he had graying slicked back, thinning hair and a well groomed goatee that came to an accentuated curve up underneath his chin. He wore a finely tailored dark blue festival suit.[21]
  • Clerics of The Platinum Dragon: Stationed from The Platinum House of Bahamut these clerics were on hand should a group fall in battle. Waited on the sidelines of the holding area they ensured that no actual fatalities occurred to those competing in the tournament.[22] It was claimed that during the history the tournament, from 815-835 P.D., that only one death had occurred under their watch.[23]
  • Page: This young human served as a messenger for the crown. Having long blond hair, he wore a very bright gold and red outfit and carried a satchel over one shoulder.[24]
  • Crownsguard: Stationed throughout the Victory Pit and lounge area, the guards kept the peace should any incident erupt.[25]
  • Beast Handlers:[26] Responsible for holding and releasing creatures into the fighting arena[27] and for clearing out the pit of slain creatures.[28]

Guests of Honor[]

Among the hundreds of people that came to watch the tournament[29] were several figures of import, including Crown appointees, the elite of the Tri-Spires, and the following[30]:

Fighting Groups[]



Groups of five to eight fighters[45] wishing to participate in the tournament had to register and pay an entry fee[46] of 20gp per fighter.[47]

A fighting group would face off against and try to defeat one of the creature encounters presented to them. Surviving a round would earn a group 200gp, while falling in battle during a round resulted in the group's elimination from the tournament. Between rounds each group was given a limited chance to recuperate, consisting of only the time that it took for following groups to complete their challenge in the round.[48]

The tournament would continue with progressively more challenging rounds until either the end of third round, in which case those groups that remained would split 2000gp,[49] or at an earlier point if it happened that all but one group was left standing in either the first or second round, in which case the prize would all go to them.[50]

Groups were allowed to use whatever tools, equipment, and weapons they had brought with them in preparation to fight in the arena.[51][52]


Allegedly found wandering the ranges of Xhorhas or terrorizing the local countryside, several creatures had been acquired and caged by the Righteous Brand, to be kept under secret guard until revealed[53] as challenges for groups competing in the tournament.[54]


"Harvest Close" (2x17)[]

The Mighty Nein registered to compete in the fighting pit on the 3rd of Fessuran 835 PD.[68]. The Mighty Nein shared the arena with three other groups:[69] the Mountain Makers, the Last Line, and the Stubborn Stock.

Before the tournament had officially gotten underway, a sweating page from the crown rushed into the lounge area, and in a private conversation, he informed Starosta Wyatt and other important individuals present[70] of the recent developments on the border with Xhorhas and that the Empire was now mobilizing for all-out war.[71]

...which skies now darken Brokenveil. Over 1000 dead, the Ashguard Garrison is taken...What’s the king's response?...formally declared war on Kryn Dynasty and the wastes of Xhorhas...Starosta, to announce anything like that would set panic and change nothing. We are far from the fight. For now, let them have a day to rejoice. We'll announce tomorrow...I'll send word to General Grinbreaker and begin preparing her legion to move east. Tomorrow we'll notify the public, but page, return word to Rexxentrum that Zadash prepares to join the front. Now, go.
Nott ovehearing the page speaking with Starosta Wyatt.[72]

First Round[]

Introduced as being from "everywhere", the Mighty Nein were the second group to be called upon to fight in the first round of the tournament, where they fought and defeated an otyugh.[73]

Second Round[]

Successfully progressing into the second round, the Mighty Nein had but a short time to mend their ailments before they were once again called upon to fight. The group defeated two massive winter wolves.[74]

"Whispers of War" (2x18)[]

Third Round[]

As one of the one of only two groups to advance into the final round of the tournament, the Mighty Nein, after much debate over how to position and prepare themselves strategically within the arena,[75] faced off against[76] and defeated a hill giant.[77]


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