So! You came looking for black powder, did you? No one asks about the black powder, but I knew it had a purpose!
Victor, to Percy[1]

Victor was a vendor of mining products (and byproducts) in Vasselheim, and he served as Percy's source of black powder in Othanzia. As an NPC, Victor was played by Matthew Mercer.

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Victor was described as a lithe, crooked-looking man, who was quite elderly but very spry for his age. His arms and legs were quite spider-like and lanky. He had frazzled, grey hair, a puffed out, partially burnt and curled bit of goatee, and wore spectacles of two different lens sizes, at least for his work. One of his glasses was cracked and he was half-covered in soot.[5][6] Supplied with a variety of refuse from mining operations (such as gravel, sulfur, and quartz), he utilized them in the creation of black powder (presumably sulfur, charcoal, and saltpeter).

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Erratic and eccentric, Victor was considered to be a "crazy old coot" by his friend and supplier, Samson.[7]

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"The Rematch" (1x23) Edit

Before leaving Vasselheim, Percy decided to look for supplies to make ammunition. He asked around in the Braving Grounds and was directed to Victor's hovel. Victor became very excited when Percy said he was looking for black powder and sold him one hogshead worth of the material.

"Return to Vasselheim" (1x43) Edit

The second time Percy visited Victor, Victor was missing several fingers due to an accident that also destroyed part of his roof.[8] He told Percy that he has not been his only customer; he was also patronized by a nicely-dressed woman, possibly Anna Ripley.[9] He then sold four vials of black powder to Percy and promised to keep quiet if Ripley came around again to buy more powder.

"Duskmeadow" (1x57) Edit

When Percy next saw him, Victor was missing all of the fingers on his right hand, for which Percy designed a prosthetic with two attachments.

"Vecna, the Ascended" (1x114) Edit

Victor died in Vecna’s siege on Vasselheim. During the battle, he rigged his shop with explosive powder and lured in a group of necromancers and undead before blowing them, his shop and himself up. Vox Machina heard this large explosion from the top of the Titan, although to them at the time it was just another part of the battle far below.[4]

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Percival de Rolo Edit

Percy buys black powder from Victor and maintains a friendly relationship with him. Victor's eccentricity makes Percy uncomfortable but for the most part they maintain an amicable relationship.

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  • "Learn from my mistakes!"[10]
  • It can put hair on your balls. - Victor in reference to his black-powder infused tea, [11]

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  • Matthew Mercer created the character of Victor spontaneously in "The Rematch" (1x23).[12]
  • Victor was included in the non-canon Vox Moronica episode "Critical Trolls for Extra Life" (Sx02).
  • Matthew Mercer provided voice clips of Victor for Syrinscape's Goblin Raid SoundPack.
  • Victor made a short cameo appearance in the non-canon "Deadlands One-Shot for MDA Charity!" (Sx11).
  • Marisha Ray voiced Victor in the non-canonical "Critical Role One-Shot: Trinket's Honey Heist" (Sx27).
  • Matthew Mercer dressed as Victor in "The Coming Storm" (1x73), which aired the week before Halloween 2016.
  • Regarding Victor's fate during the Battle of Vasselheim, Matthew Mercer stated that canonically he left it up to viewers' imaginations, but in his mind he imagined Victor taking a "You'll never take me alive!" approach and blowing up his own house and himself to take out a bunch of attacking Remnants.[4]
  • Matthew Mercer stated in his second fireside chat that Victor wasn’t the last of his bloodline, and that The Mighty Nein had passed by an area in Wildemount where Victor had a descendant.[13]
  • Victor answered questions in Geek & Sundry's "Ask Vox Machina".[14]

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Critical Role Animated - The Black Powder Merchant

Critical Role Animated - The Black Powder Merchant

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