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The Vezdaweald is a tropical forest on the Vezdali Peninsula in the Menagerie Coast, nestled at the base of the Hearthstar Peaks.[1]

Bright and beautiful, the forest is filled with vibrant tropical flowers, vocal singing birds during the day, and millions of glowing insects at night. However, the woods are also home to nocturnal dangerous monsters such as dinosaurs, Swavain basilisks, and other beasts.[2] Its softwood trees are valued by loggers from Port Damali, who commonly harvest the wood for small crafts and goods. The forest also often hosts weddings and religious ceremonies for multiple faiths.[2]


  • The similarity in name between the Vezdaweald and the Vezdali Peninsula possibly means either one of these lent its name to the other or they share a root in an unknown language, likely Naush.
  • The word "weald" means a wood or a forest, seldom in modern usage except in place names like The Weald of England.
  • The name is similar to that of Antonín Vězda, a Czech lichenologist known for his prolific work in lichen taxonomy.


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