This stalker of Vex'ahlia was a lesser noble in Westruun. He met Vex in Westruun, and was so blown away by her that he attempted to court her. When his efforts failed, he began following Vex and his obsession grew. Eventually, he became so obsessed that he paid the Clasp to retrieve her for him. Unbeknownst to the stalker, the Clasp had struck a deal with Vax'ildan, Vex's twin brother, to spare her life. Instead of the real Vex, the stalker was handed a former member of the Clasp turned into a copy of Vex.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The identity of the stalker was not revealed on-stream. What little is known was revealed by Matt during the "Fireside Chat", and even then, the stalker's name, race, and age are still unknown.
  • Vex's stalker, the Despoiler of Flesh, and the doppelganger of Vex were all written out-of-game by Liam and Matt in preparation for Pike's entry into the campaign, to explain why he was a member of the Clasp when she first met Vax.

References Edit

  1. See "Dangerous Dealings" (1x42).[citation needed]
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