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During the wars of the Calamity, great destruction rained across the many lands of the world. Broken remnants of history speak of battles between gods leveling mountains and sinking islands.

Chosen heroes rose up to accept the artifacts of their patrons to combat the tide of death their adversaries harnessed. Powerful archmages harnessed the surging arcane powers of the war to forge incredible objects of potent strength and ability, further arming every side of the conflict. Relics of the Age of Arcanum were further enhanced, creating unheard-of magical capabilities.

When the battle climaxed in a wave of aberrant destruction, leaving much of civilization in ruins, many of these artifacts were buried among the ashes with their wielders. Others were passed down through bloodlines for generations, a sign of respect and importance within their culture. Some were locked away, the fear of their power giving temples reason to keep them from mortal hands, while a handful still see use to this day by great warriors or proven killers.

These mighty echoes of the last great war, and the divine banishment that followed, are known as the Vestiges of Divergence.
Excerpt from Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting[1]

The Vestiges of Divergence are ancient and powerful artifacts from the Calamity. These items have since been scattered around the world—lost to the history books, passed down as symbols of power through various bloodlines or government positions, or stolen and unrecovered for hundreds of years.[2] According to Kamaljiori, the androsphinx mate of Osysa, some Vestiges have been destroyed over this epoch, while others lie scattered across the Planes of Existence, and some are sealed or hidden.[3]

The Vestiges are legendary artifacts that grow in power with the experience, force of will, and strength of character of the bearer. Many Vestiges, if sealed away or left without a worthy attuned individual for a period of time, will revert to their dormant state. A vestige in its dormant state still imbues power to the attuned, but with time, perseverance, and personal growth, the Vestige can regain access to some of its lost abilities by reaching its awakened state. Eventually, through extreme personal challenge, evolution, and achievement, the Vestige can reach its full potential in its exalted state. This is the true power of the Vestige, the state in which it was originally utilized in the Calamity against battle-ready gods.[1]

Over the course of their adventures, the adventuring party Vox Machina found and retrieved eight of these powerful items throughout Exandria and the various Planes of Existence bordering the Prime Material Plane. To date the Mighty Nein have recovered one, Dwueth'var.

While the Vestiges were often created by the Prime Deities, there are darker counterparts to them created by the Betrayer Gods called the Arms of the Betrayers.[4]

Cabal's Ruin - Agony - Armor of Valiant Soul - Circlet of Barbed Vision.png
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Vestiges Found by Vox Machina

Official art of Vox Machina's Vestiges, by Kent Davis.[art 1]

Cabal's Ruin

Main article: Cabal's Ruin.

This cloak of dark leather and gold trim seems to occasionally shimmer with small sparks of blue energy across the shadowed lining. Previously used by an assassin to eliminate the Den of Druja, Cabal's Ruin was worn by Mistress Asharru before it was stolen by Anna Ripley. It is currently in the possession of Percy de Rolo.

Deathwalker's Ward

Main article: Deathwalker's Ward.

This beautiful, black leather armor is covered in intricate scrollwork, the mantle bearing the black feathers of the Raven Queen. Previously worn by Purvan Suul, a champion of the Raven Queen, it was interred with his body in a tomb beneath the Marrowglade Loch. It is currently in the possession of Vax'ildan, who wore it as he followed the Raven Queen into the afterlife.

Fenthras, Wrath of the Fey Warden

Main article: Fenthras, Wrath of the Fey Warden.

This gorgeous longbow made of everbark from the Feywild seems to flex and shift like a living entity. Previously the personal weapon of the archfey Saundor, it is currently in the possession of Vex'ahlia.


Main article: Mythcarver.

This incredible silvered blade once belonged to The White Duke himself, and many more master bards before him. It resonates with nearby musical tones. The sword was entrusted to the sphinx Kamaljiori, who bequeathed it to Scanlan Shorthalt.

Plate of the Dawnmartyr

Main article: Plate of the Dawnmartyr.

Beautiful silver scrolling and priceless, cut rubies adorn this set of brass-and-gold armor. Worn by the High Priest Duana of the Dawnfather as she fell in the Battle of Ghor Dranas. Once a treasure of the Sutan bloodline, it was lost in a card game to the fire giant Juuraiel. It is currently in the possession of Pike Trickfoot.

Spire of Conflux

Main article: Spire of Conflux.

A powerful relic made from Melora's breath, passed down from generation to generation of Ashari leaders. For a time, the Spire lay within the stomach of a goristro named Yenk, who devoured the staff along with its wielder. It is currently in the possession of Keyleth.

Titanstone Knuckles

Main article: Titanstone Knuckles.

Carved from the heartstone of a ruined earth primordial, these gauntlets bestow immeasurable might to the wearer. Taken from the corpse of its previous owner, the Knuckles were worn by Kevdak, Thunderlord of the Herd of Storms, before being claimed by his nephew, Grog Strongjaw.


Main article: Whisper.

Forged with a mercurial metal pulled from the Far Realm, light dances and shifts across this curved blade. Lost to the depths of the Ozmit Sea aboard the wreck of The Shrew, the dagger was recovered by Kynan Leore. It is currently in the possession of Vax'ildan, who took it with him as he followed the Raven Queen into the afterlife.

Vestiges Found by the Mighty Nein

Dwueth'var, the Star Razor

Main article: Dwueth'var.

Forged by a union of acolytes of Melora and Sehanine, the Star Razor carries the blessing of the fiercest full moon and starlit night. Sundered and reforged by Dulgrim Smeltborne of Uthodurn, the blade was broken again in a battle in the ruins of Molaesmyr. Its pieces were scattered, eventually reunited and reforged again by Umagorn Smeltborne. It is currently in the possession of Fjord, who did not know about the Vestiges until Allura Vysoren identified his weapon as one.

Vestiges Found by Others

Wreath of the Prism

Main article: Wreath of the Prism.

This loop of golden thorns is inset with dozens of gems representing the five colors of Tiamat. It is currently in the possession of Arkhan the Cruel.

Circlet of Barbed Vision

Main article: Circlet of Barbed Vision

Upon wearing this circlet of gnarled onyx, black barbs dig into the wearer's head, imparting power as it twists the wearer's appearance to amuse the Spider Queen. It was robbed from the Blightstar by a group of rookie adventurers, who were inspired by the circlet to name themselves the Crown Keepers. The circlet is currently worn by Opal.

Undiscovered Vestiges in Exandria

From Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting

From Explorer's Guide to Wildemount



  1. Official art of Vox Machina's Vestiges, by Kent Davis (source). Used with permission.