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Vess DeRogna was a half-elven mage and a member of the Cerberus Assembly, filling the role of Archmage of Antiquity. As an NPC, Vess DeRogna was played by Matthew Mercer.



Vess DeRogna - Tyler Walpole

Official art of Vess DeRogna in The Mighty Nein Origins: Home, by Tyler Walpole.[art 2]

Lady Vess DeRogna is an half-elven woman with pale-gray eyes,[8] short, medium-brown hair that curled slightly towards the end.[9][10] She appears middle-aged, but not as old as Ludinus Da'leth. When the Mighty Nein saw her in Felderwin, she wore clothing that was deep green with black patterns on her billowing sleeves, and many rings and necklaces, from each of which dangled circular gemstones in many different colors. She appears to favor green clothing, as she wore a robe in that color when the Mighty Nein visited her in Rexxentrum.[11][12]

Like Mollymauk Tealeaf, she had nine tattoos of eyes on specific points on her body, which she had kept hidden with a glamour.[13]


Caleb described her as "half a recluse", and a history buff who taught at the Soltryce Academy.[14]

Yeza Brenatto described her as forceful, persuasive, and a terrible boss, often putting serious pressure on him to finish his project to extract the essence of dunamancy from the dodecahedron, in response to Ludinus Da'leth pressuing her.[15]



Vess DeRogna - tshortik

Fan art of Vess DeRogna, by @tshortik.[art 3]

Vess became the Archmage of Antiquity after Delilah Briarwood was expelled from the Cerberus Assembly for the practice of necromancy. The half-elf wizard was an instructor at the Soltryce Academy for over two decades, but her real interest as Archmage of Antiquity was magical history, having a particular interest in pre-Calamity relics and mysteries.[16]

At some point before 831 PD she met Elias de Corvo and Sarenne de Chastain, of the Claret Orders,[17] and the former eventually introduced Lucien Tavelle, Cree Deeproots and Brevyn Oakbender to the archmage, who wanted to pay members of the order who were willing to seek relics for her.[18] The young members of the order used that contact and, ironically, being that year in Rexxentrum for months (bringing relics to Vess, who in exchange managed to locate Lucien's sister for him)[19] eventually prompted them to become permanently independent from the Claret Orders and move to Shadycreek Run.[20] The half-elf archmage kept her attention on that group of mercenaries, and that same year, after they formed the Tombtakers (along with Otis Brunkel, Zoran Kluthidol, Tyffial Wase and Jurrell) and fell out with the Jagentoths, Vess DeRogna tracked them down, negotiating with the criminal family so that she could hire the Tombtakers herself.[21] One of their missions was in Molaesmyr, were they fought hags and reached the tower of Caes Mosor.[22]

The Tombtakers eventually accompanied the archmage in an expedition to Aeor, during which Vess wasn't very considerate with the mercenaries, even refusing to share the Aviary (her magical tent) most of the time.[23] While exploring the lost city under the ice they found a room with a corpse and an old journal; when the hall began to collapse the group began to withdraw but Brevyn decided to go find the journal for Lucien, who seemed strangely fascinated by it; however the collapse crushed half of her body, and she died giving his friend the journal.[24] Vess DeRogna tried to claim the item as part of the artifacts recovered from the expedition, but to the outrage of the Tombtakers and the high price Lucien had paid for the journal, the archmage gave up.[25]

After that mission the remaining Tombtakers received DeRogna's promissory, and the archmage and the mercenaries went their separate ways. However, Vess had hexed said object, and it banished while the Tombtakers were in Yardel.[26] Although they had been tricked, the Tombtakers did not contact the half-elf wizard immediately, and it would not be until 833 PD when they met again, after Lucien contacted her to help them with a magical ritual that appeared in the journal.[27][28]

They gathered in the Savalirwood and had a feast at which Lucien gave a speech. DeRogna told the Tombtakers that it would be hard to tell immediately whether or not the ritual had succeeded.[29] However, when the ritual was performed, DeRogna intentionally failed. When the Tombtakers checked, Lucien was not breathing, and his spirit had been broken and scattered.[30][31] The group waited until dawn, and believed the ritual had failed and Lucien was dead. Lucien had told them that if anything were to go wrong, they had to get rid of any sign, any trace. So, not far from their hideout, they buried him and went their separate ways. Vess took the tome as part of the arrangement Lucien had with her.[32][33]

For the next two years Vess kept her interest in old relics and artifacts. By 835 PD she still taught at the Solstryce Academy, and she did more expeditions, occasionally leaving for Xhorhas and returning as discreetly as she had left, with fewer guards and more uncovered secrets.[16] Presumably during this same period the archmage started her own research about the journal, discovering its connection with the Somnovem, and establishing a bond with the Aeorian philosophers just like Lucien had done; she also inserted new sheaves of paper to add her own notes and observations to the journal.[34] At some point she got an amulet that would protect her from their alien and overwhelming influence.[35]

"Whispers of War" (2x18)[]

Lady Vess DeRogna was mentioned to be the Archmage of Antiquity.[36]

"Homeward Bound" (2x48)[]

Vess DeRogna was present in Felderwin when the Mighty Nein arrived, and was seen meeting Ludinus Da'leth when he Teleported in. They were talking together as they walked towards the ruins of the Brenatto Apothecary.

"In Love and War" (2x57)[]

While in his cell, Yeza Brenatto described how "Lady DeRogna" would bring the Beacon from a secured place to his basement for experiments. She also threatened Luc's safety if Yeza ever shared his knowledge of their experiments with anyone.[37]

"A Tangled Web" (2x77)[]

DeRogna was one of the many options that the Mighty Nein considered Scrying upon. Caleb cast Seeming on the party, making them look like various members of the Cerberus Assembly with Nott looking like DeRogna, in order for Jester to potentially be able to scry upon one of them. DeRogna was the eventually chosen target but she succeeded on the saving throw; thus, Jester's Scry failed.

"The Fancy and the Fooled" (2x97)[]

Essek Thelyss confessed to having conspired with Ludinus and Trent Ikithon in the theft of the beacons that sparked the war, and noted that while he never met DeRogna, he knew she helmed a period of experimentation with the Luxon beacon.[38] These were the only people he believed to have knowledge of the arrangement.

Vess DeRogna - Mikael

Fan art of Vess DeRogna, by Mikael.[art 4]

"High Seas, High Stakes" (2x99)[]

While the Empire armada was sailing to the peace talks, the Balleater was attacked by forces of Uk'otoa. In the immediate aftermath, Lady DeRogna used Dimension Door to reach the ship to intervene. The party lied and said it seemed like a random attack. Lady DeRogna accepted this, and invited the party to talk to her about work possibilities in the north once all of this was over. A few days later, Caleb and Beau flew to the Cerberus Assembly ship, the Wind of Aeons, to inspect the Luxon beacon being carried to the parley. Ludinus Da'leth seemed genuinely surprised to learn the party had met Lady DeRogna, and that she had offered them work. Her purpose for being at the talks was to keep an eye on the perimeter and to hopefully discuss arcane projects between the Empire and the Dynasty if the peace talks were to go well.

"Traveler Con" (2x108)[]

DeRogna crit recap animated

DeRogna in Crit Recap Animated.

Caleb mentioned to the rest of the group that he wanted to start gathering intel on the Cerberus Assembly and suggested that they take up Vess DeRogna's job offer in Eiselcross.

"Frigid Propositions" (2x109)[]

The Mighty Nein met with Vess DeRogna in her tower to discuss their mission in Eiselcross.

"The Chase Begins" (2x112)[]

The Mighty Nein met with Vess at her tower following the discovery that Mollymauk Tealeaf's body had been resurrected, and asked questions about the Tombtakers, whom she had previously employed. When the Nein told her the mission had become more urgent, Vess ran Pumat Sol ragged to complete an enchantment for Caduceus Clay so that they could get the mission started sooner. Vess and the Nein teleported to Palebank Village and started sailing to Balenpost.

Vess DeRogna - Cersonality

Fan art of Vess DeRogna, by Cers @Cersonality.[art 5]

"A Heart Grown Cold" (2x113)[]

After defeating Avantika, Caduceus went below decks and briefly talked with Vess DeRogna about the attack on the ship. She seemed thoroughly impressed by their skills to handle the situation without her help, saying it's why she hired them to help her in the first place.

"An Open Window" (2x114)[]

A resurrected Lucien Tavelle found Vess DeRogna alone in her room in Balenpost. She was horrified when she discovered he was alive; and they fought briefly, although it was revealed that Lucien was stronger, and that Vess was much frailer than she seemed, being weakened after years of fighting against the Somnovem, having gained their nine eye marks, but hiding them. Unlike Lucien, as the Nonagon she had seen the danger of the philosophers and she wanted to control them and keep them and Cognouza at bay. Initially Lucien was willing to kill her without too much complication, but one of the Somnovem, Ira, suggested that the False Nonagon deserved to have her sanity taken from her before her life ended.[39]

After eating dinner in the fort inside of Balenpost, Jester scryed on Lucien and saw that he had gained access to DeRogna's book. The next morning, the Mighty Nein found her bloodied corpse lying on her bed. Using Speak with Dead allowed the group to learn more about the ritual done on Lucien two years ago, and her underlying connections to the Tombtakers. Caleb then casted Widogast's Vault of Amber, preserving the corpse so that it could be moved more easily.

"Fair-weather Faith" (2x123)[]

Otis stole the Bag of Holding from Fjord, which was holding Vess DeRogna's body.

"Hunter and Hunted" (2x133)[]

In the ruins of Aeor, the Tombtakers arrived with two Threshold crests, suggesting that at some point, Lucien had dispelled Caleb's Vault of Amber, releasing the threshold crest stored inside and abandoning Vess' body somewhere in Eiselcross.


Ludinus Da'leth[]

Vess DeRogna recommended to the Mighty Nein that they should not trust the Martinet's intentions, for he would do anything to keep himself in a position of power in the Dwendalian Empire.

Trent Ikithon[]

While Vess DeRogna did not say how she felt about Ikithon, most of the members of the Assembly agreed that he is somewhat creepy, but has a purpose for being in their ranks.


Vess DeRogna employed the Tombtakers in the past as part of her relic quests, including excavation operation in Eiselcross. She was unsympathetic to them, not sharing her resources with them and willing to keep the item Brevyn had died for; when the mission ended he managed not to pay them, and when they met at 833 PD he tricked them again into stealing their journal, murdering Lucien in the process.

She minimized her involvement with the group in conversation with the Mighty Nein, but confirmed that Lucien was part of the group at that time. She told the Nein that their collaboration ended as she didn't appreciate their attitude, as they would ask for more payment mid-contract.


Vess initially took an interest in the journal linked to the Aeorian philosophers, but only after killing Lucien and taking the item for herself did she discover its true power. While her connection with the Somnovem was strong enough to give her the nine eyes, with time Vess started becoming more and more afraid of them, with her world becoming darker, and their constant influence being like a poison for her. She took measures to protect herself against them, being terrified about the posibility that they returned to Exandria.

The philosophers, on the other hand, initially saw her as a new Nonagon after Lucien's death, but soon realized that the archmage wouldn't help her so they started seeing her as a False Nonagon. Ira specifically wanted her to go insane before she died, as payback for keeping them away from their goal.

Yeza Brenatto[]

Vess DeRogna employed Yeza to conduct alchemical research and development to extract some form of liquid essence out of one of the Luxons. Yeza found her to be very intimidating, and was visibly distressed when Veth disguised herself as Vess.[40]

Pumat Sol[]

While the Mighty Nein prepared for their trip to Eiselcross, Vess pushed very hard on Pumat Sol to speed up his work for the party.[41]

Character Information[]


Wizard Spells[]

Based on Lady DeRogna casting Teleport twice in one day[42], she had at least one 7th and one 8th level spell slot, so she was at least a 15th-level spellcaster.

Spell level Spell Notes
1st Unseen Servant[43]
2nd Hold Person[44]
4th Dimension Door[45]
5th Telekinesis[46]
7th Magnificent Mansion Possibly[47]
7th Teleport[48]

From the Eyes of Nine[]

Having read the journal of Cognouza, DeRogna had viewed the pattern that imparted the nine eyes. Each eye grants an ability. However, she was not known to have used them during her time with the Mighty Nein,[49] and there is a possibility that, since she was resisting the influence of the Somnovem, perhaps she did not receive all the benefits that the eyes would grant her.

  • First eye: Mild telepathy with others bearing eyes (120 feet)
  • Second eye: Darkvision
  • Third eye: Ability to see through illusions
  • Fourth eye: Ability to see into the ethereal plane
  • Fifth eye: Ability to scry into the "eye" of another
  • Sixth eye: Ability to sense all beings with minds (300 feet)
  • Seventh eye: Rend Mind: Recharging melee attack that deals 10d10 psychic damage
  • Eighth eye: Ability to control the minds of others with "eyes"
  • Ninth eye: 30-foot antimagic cone that dispels rather than suppresses magic

Notable Items[]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Caduceus: "What is it to be a Nonagon?"
    Vess: "The Nonagon is a vessel. It is the key to Cognouza. It is the one to free the Somnovem."[50]


  • Based on her ability to change the appearance of the artwork in her tower, as well as the fact[51] that she disguised her tattoos, it is likely (but not confirmed) that her specialty was illusion magic.[52]
  • Vess really liked birds, appreciating their many qualities and functions within nature. She enjoyed their presence so much that she had several cages with birds inside the Aviary, a magical tent that was like a tower inside[53] (possibly her own version of the Magnificent Mansion spell).
  • She is the only known character who has been able to destroy a stasis bubble through a magical ritual.[54]
  • In "The Nox Engine" (3x98), when Laudna cast Spirit of Death against Ludinus Da'leth, she made it take the form of Vess.[55] Since the warlock never met the archmage in person it is very likely that she knew her appearance because of her patron, Delilah Briarwood.


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