Vessrah by Kent Davis

Fan art of Vesrah, by Kent Davis.[art 1]

Vesrah[1] is the home of the Water Ashari at the portal between the Elemental Plane of Water and Exandria in the Material Plane.

Very few people visit Vesrah, apart from shipwrecked pirates and sailors. Many of the inhabitants of the town are reformed pirates who were rescued from a storm by Waveriders and chose to stay.[2]

Location Edit

Vesrah is located among the Anamn Islands in the Ozmit Sea.[3] It is difficult to reach, being surrounded by sharp reefs, and not very well known, though Captain Adella at least had heard of it and knew more or less where to find it.

The town is built on top of the water between three islands. It is partially submerged, and its inhabitants spend much of their lives standing in shallow water. The town relies on lodestones collected from the Water Plane to stay afloat.

Notable People Edit

  • Uvenda: "Heart of the Tides", elderly gnome headmaster of the Water Ashari
  • Yulan

References Edit

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