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Vesh the Bloody Siren[2] is a dark entity who claimed godhood to Kashaw, though she is not in fact a goddess.[4]



Vesh appears to be a human woman with long purple or violet hair, solidly white eyes, and unnaturally long arms and fingers with claw-like nails. Her skin is faintly glowing gray.[2][5]


Vesh has a dual nature, sometimes asking for mercy and kindness and sometimes demanding pain and sacrifice; her expression varies dramatically with these moods. She draws potential suitors from among those who delve into forbidden magics, and instructs them to cultivate sects of worshipers. These sects then practice hedonistic, masochistic rites that (unbeknownst to the attendees of the secretive retreat) culminate with Vesh massacring and eating all but one selected survivor and laying with that mate. She demands the true heart of her chosen, and is a jealous patron, but she lends strength to her chosen partners (of which there are many) and watches over them for life.[2][5]


Vesh's symbol is a crimson ring hanging from a chain.[1]

Known worshippers[]


Kashaw and Vesh - Linda Lithén

Fan art of Kashaw and Vesh, by Linda Lithén.[art 2]

As of 836 PD, Vesh has walked Exandria (apparently long focused on Issylra[5]) for centuries, occasionally selecting a mate and then disappearing to her own realm. It is unknown whether she is a demigod or a witch,[2] but gods cannot go past the Divine Gate, which revealed her as something else entirely.

Vesh married a human named Kashaw when he was born. She slaughtered everyone else in the village, and came back to consummate the marriage on his fifteenth name-day. As part of a ritual called "The Sting of the Hundred", Kashaw inflicted fifty cuts upon his own right arm, and Vesh made the next fifty. When Kashaw's blood mixed with Vesh's sweat, he gained all of her memories, which is when he discovered she was evil. In order to balance Vesh's dark powers, Kashaw was raised as a healer, and he tried to kill her when he was fifteen. He hasn't seen her since.[7]

"The Sunken Tomb" (1x44)[]

During the ritual to revive Vex'ahlia, Kashaw was uncomfortable with the idea of calling that much attention from Vesh. When asked why he was hesitating, he said, "She could destroy everything" and that she was more dangerous than the Chroma Conclave.[8] In fact, she is a dangerous entity who would have taken an interest in Vox Machina, but Vax'ildan offering himself to the Raven Queen in the tomb of her champion circumvented Vesh's closer involvement.[9]

Appearances and mentions[]

Vesh - Kileigh Gallagher

Fan art of Vesh, by Kileigh Gallagher.[art 3]




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