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Vermaloc trees are a unique type of tree native only to the Vermaloc Wildwood in Xhorhas, on the continent of Wildemount.


Vermaloc trees have smooth purple bark and vibrantly colored leaves hued in deep red, orange, and maroon.[1] The roots of the tree grow thick, up to around 4 feet from from the trunk, and the canopy of the tree starts around 10 to 12 feet from the ground.[2]


The wood of Vermaloc trees, also called Vermaloc,[3] is used throughout Xhorhas, including many buildings and furniture in the Kryn Dynasty's capital of Rosohna, which is close to the Vermaloc Wildwood. Also made from vermaloc wood is the wall surrounding Asarius[4] and ships in the Kryn Dynasty's navy.[5][6] Outside of Xhorhas, it is a rare but recognizable material, and items made of Vermaloc are a sign of good taste, and have been exported as far as Jrusar in Marquet.[3]

Syldor Vessar owned a book shelf made of Vermaloc.[7]


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