The Vermaloc Wildwood is a sizable forest along the western portion of the Penumbra Range Mountains to the south and east of the city of Rosohna.

Description Edit

The forest is a dense canopy of deep reds, maroons, and oranges, a forest of perpetual fall. The leaves are vibrant red earth tones, and the trees themselves have smooth purple bark.[1] The thick leaves and canopy are about 10 to 12 feet off the heavily composted forest floor, forming a vibrant net of deep reds, oranges and maroon leaves sprouting from smooth barked trees of purple wood. Heavy roots bulk at the base of the trees, about four feet off the ground, and spring outwards, some leaving tiny entrances to small hollows that are shaded within and below the tree. The foliage and the tall brown-red ferns are occasionally broken by bright yellow flowers that poke through in large clusters. There are occasional jutting rock formations like large, heavy, naturally formed monoliths.[2]

The Vermaloc is the source of the purple wood used throughout Xhorhas.[3] The ships of the Kryn Dynasty naval force are constructed from this wood.[4]

Notable Locations Edit

Xhorhas, Version 20,7 (VW)

Map of Xhorhas with the Vermaloc Wildwood shaded dark green with dark red outlining


  • Giant spiders

References Edit

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