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The Verdant Expanse was located in southwestern Tal'Dorei.

The Verdant Expanse

The Verdant Expanse.

The Verdant Expanse had hundreds of miles of massive, unbridled forest that shrouded the landscape in mystery and shadow. It covered much of southwestern Tal'Dorei, east from the Stormcrest Mountains.[1] These dense timberland were traversed by few beside the elves of Syngorn. The enchanted nature of this wood held the decay of the seasons at bay, the trees were blooming evergreen year-round.[1]

It sprung from the energies that shifted here following the Calamity, bringing vibrant, accelerated growth, and rampant magical flux to the region. This had instilled the forest with countless factions of stranded fey folk, and displaced aberrations that called the darker groves their home. Ruins slowly fell to the swelling overgrowth, and some say that parts of the wood moved and hunted on their own, claiming the lives of those who wandered too far from the points of civilization. Even so, much of the Expanse was under watch granting a measure of safety to those who traveled beneath its dusky boughs.[1]

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