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Vera is a pirate and the former second-in-command of the Squalleater. As an NPC, Vera is played by Matthew Mercer.



Vera is a middle-aged woman who is strongly built and wears protective leather armor over which she further wears tattered robes; around her neck she wears a heavy chain from which a small amulet hangs. Like most of her fellow crew she is armed with a cutlass that she wears at her hip.[2]


Vera is utterly loyal to her captain and takes a severe, no-nonsense attitude towards the Mighty Nein. She is an intense and devout follower of Uk'otoa and truly believes Avantika to be the Great Leviathan's chosen. Amongst the original crew of the Squalleater she was considered the ship's spiritual leader and Avantika's right-hand woman.[3]

Vera briefly showed another side of her personality in conversation with Jester, warning her that Fjord was likely to be unhappy and/or in danger if he continued his intimate relationship with Avantika,[4] though ultimately her overall loyalty to Avantika remained unfazed.



"Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37)[]

Vera was introduced by Avantika as the supervisor in her absence. Once the captain returned to her quarters, Vera asked the party to get some food, creating an opportunity to leave. Within a short time, she returned to the deck of the ship, inviting them to Avantika.

After they had a conversation and Mighty Nein agreed to cooperate, Avantika asked Vera to tell Zoen and Waldok to sleep on the deck to clear out some quarters for the guests. Vera was confused and puzzled by this sudden burst of generosity.

"Dubious Pursuits" (2x40)[]

"A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41)[]

"A Hole In the Plan" (2x42)[]

Vera eavesdropped on a conversation between Jester and Caleb about Jester's crush on Fjord in the Bloated Cup tavern. Vera pulled Jester aside as they left the tavern and implied Fjord's intimate relationship with Avantika could put him in danger.[5]

When Vera began casting Locate Object to find Avantika's journal which Caleb was secretly holding, it prompted him to cast Wall of Fire between the party and the pirates, triggering a battle.

"In Hot Water" (2x43)[]

Vera played a crucial role in the battle between Avantika's crew and the Mighty Nein, covering the ground with ice at a crucial moment and using Mass Suggestion to force the guards to side with Avantika. However, the barlgura summoned by Fjord severely weakened her, and a single fireball from Caleb was enough to knock her unconscious. It is unclear whether she survived after falling unconscious; if she didn't, her body was removed from the Squalleater by the Revelry with the other casualties of the fight.


Character information[]



  • Locate Object[7]
  • Scorching Ray[8]

Notable items[]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • "He would not be the first she’s left in ruin. And he would not be the last. I would take care of him if he cannot."[11]



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