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The Velvin Ticket is a forest bordering the Saltwallow Bog in the western Zemni Fields of Wildemount.


The Thicket is populated almost exclusively by gnomish clans, loosely allied with each other to defend the forest, rather than existing as a centralized society. The gnomes are nomads, and use illusion magic and enchantments to protect the Velvin Thicket. These gnomes have a trade agreement with the primarily dwarven city Pride's Call which has allowed them to escape assimilation by the Dwendalian Empire; Pride's Call was able to persuade the empire to allow the Velvin clans their autonomy, provided they regularly supply the empire with dyolet fruit, a delicacy with minor magical properties which does not grow elsewhere. However, as of 835 PD, the Empire and the Cerberus Assembly have become more interested in changing this arrangement and taking control of both the Velvin Thicket and the dyolet crop.[2]


The seven allied clans mostly keep to themselves and handle their own business, convening only when there is an external threat. The leaders also meet with visiting representatives of Pride's Call on a frequent basis.[3]

Altars to Melora are scattered throughout the Thicket.[1]



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