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This article is about Vex'ahlia's son. For his uncle, see Vax'ildan.

Vax'ildan Frederick de Rolo is the fourth child of Vex'ahlia and Percival de Rolo.[1]



Vax'ildan is a half-elven boy with black hair.[1]

Appearances and mentions[]


Keyleth and Dan by Micaerys

Fan art of Keyleth holding Vax'ildan for the first time, by Micaerys.[art 2]

  • Vax'ildan Frederick is named after his deceased maternal uncle Vax'ildan and his paternal grandfather Frederick de Rolo.
    • Among the fans, nicknames such as Vax'ildeux (a pun with the French term for "two"), Vax'ildan II or Dan have become popular to differentiate the young de Rolo from his uncle.
  • Percy might have made him a pop gun when he was young.[2]
  • As of "The Promise and the Price" (3x77), Vax'ildan is the only one of Vex and Percy's children to not have appeared on Critical Role.



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