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Value of Valor is a shop in Kraghammer owned by Tremaine.[1]


The shop is located in a red brick and stone building, with fine purple tapestries in the front depicting various battles of dwarven history, and two glowing enchanted permalight lanterns hanging from the front.[2] The interior is warmly lit and smells of heavy incense and jasmine.[3]


"Into the Greyspine Mines" (1x02)[]

Vox Machina visited the shop to buy potions, discovering that its owner Tremaine was, unusually for Kraghammer, elven rather than dwarven. He explained that he had been in business there for over a hundred years. He had two superior potions of healing in stock for 1500 gold pieces each, and many greater healing potions. Grog bought a superior, and after Vex'ahlia failed to negotiate the price down, the rest of the party purchased nine greaters for 300 gold each, plus two sleep arrows for 250 gold each, and two potions of water breathing at 500 gold each. He offered to consider buying any magical items the party found while on their expedition beneath the city.[4]


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