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The Ustaloch (Zemnian for "eastern lake"[1]) is a kidney bean-shaped body of water that borders Trostenwald's wards on their eastern sides. This freshwater body is fed by a river that leads to the mountains to the north. The other side of the lake contains open fields. The lake has muddy banks and two small islands within the center of it. Seen on the horizon from the lake's edge, the islands are around three miles out into the water and about 600 feet from each other.[2]

Small island[]

The smaller island is only around fifty feet across and is largely barren with five or six dead or dying trees on it.[3]


Crookedstone Island 1

Screenshot of Crookedstone Island from "The Midnight Chase" (2x03).[art 3]

The larger of the two islands is named Crookedstone (sometimes "Crooked Stone"[4]) and is a few hundred feet across with a grove of 10-15 foot tall trees on it and a jagged, rocky shore. In the center of the island, there are ruins of old stone walls that had made up a single-story structure about 15 by 30 feet across. There had been tales that an old witch had once lived on the island about a hundred years ago. The citizens of Trostenwald never go to the island, believing it to be cursed.[5] Some believe that the witch still returns in the colder part of the year, and in fact an amulet from that grove belongs to a night hag.[4]


Besides the fish, crabs, and small crustaceans that fisherman make their trade on, giant water snakes dwell within the depths of the lake. There have recently been more and more instances of these snakes coming out of the water and attacking folks on land. These snakes were between 20-25 feet long and one of these snakes had been destroying a home within the loch ward before being killed by Beauregard, Fjord, and Jester.[6]


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