Beau: Heavy boots; gaucho pants, fur lined; expositor belt, slate grey to cobalt blue (gradient); fur lined vest; all seeing eye pin

Caleb: Brown leather coat, long, fur lined; very thick scarf; modified harness (leather), larger book on right hip, counterbalanced by spell component satchel

Jester: Light blue tunic, long sleeves; light grey thermal tights; fair isle knitted thigh highs (stripes, flowers, bees) pale blue, white, light grey; matching mittens; white overcoat, lines with grey fur, bell sleeved, fit and flair, hooded, embroidered (flowers, vines, bees); matching ear muffs; fur lined boots

Veth: Lolita dress/coat, pink with white fur trim, large buttons down the center, bow knot at the belt line; white hand muff; white fur earmuffs with little deer antlers on the headband; boots


  • Armor is oiled and treated for the cold

Lavender coat, white and crimson stitching, dragonfly silk worked in (gestured to shoulders) patterns from origin outfit along edges; wool hat, black oiled gloves and boots; deep moss green pants, heavy cotton; under jacket (same material)

Yasha: Coat, added leather hood with white fur lining, widened sleeves, black embroidery with white accents (lightning and flowers, on back), round fur hat

Fjord: A coat

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