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I'd like to formally request help to finish filling up the "Relationship between X and X" pages for the members of the Mighty Nein. With Campaign 3 coming soon, I suspect that we'll be spending less time on pages related to Campaign 2, so it would be nice to make some progress now. I'll do what I can, but it's a pretty huge task and I tend to get burnt out fast from tasks like these, so your help is appreciated!!

You can access the Mighty Nein relationship navigation here.

Here is the minimum that I'd like to do by the time Campaign 3 rolls around:

  1. Create missing pages, i.e. the ones appearing in red in the table.
  2. Give a brief summary of the character's relationship at the end of the campaign.
  3. Tell the history of their relationship. At minimum, copy the existing blurbs about their relationship from each character's bios.

More time-consuming and less pressing goals:

  1. Standardize the article structure. It should follow the following template: Relationship - a brief paragraph detailling the relationship at the end of the campaign, followed by another brief paragraph summarizing the how much the relationship evolved over time ; History - A complete retelling of the relationship through important events ; Trivia - if any.
  2. Add timestamps and pictures to all articles.

And last but not least, while I'm on the topic: the Vox Machina relationships could also use some polish! Many of them haven't been updated at the end of Campaign 1, and Taryon doesn't even have any relationship page. It would also be nice to standardize the article structure across all campaigns.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help out!