• Make all links to Chapter 2 compatible with a move to campaign based-numbering.
  • Create reference list of all current and intended episode numbers.
  • Add "CXEXX" to every episode in Module:Ep/Switcher.
  • Add "1xWYZ" to every Campaign 1 episode in Module:Ep/Switcher.
  • Add commented "2xWYZ" to every Campaign 2 episode in Module:Ep/Switcher.
  • Uncomment "2xWYZ" for Campaign 2 episodes in Module:Ep/Switcher.
  • Change outputs of Module:Ep/Switcher to "1xWYZ" and "2xWYZ."
  • Modify Module:AirdateOrder to avoid breaking it.
  • Modify Module:Ep/YTURLSwitcher to avoid breaking it.
  • Remove "2xYZ" from Chapter 2 episodes in Module:Ep/Switcher.
    • Deal with citation by episode category creation process. (fixed with above)
  • Change Template:Infobox Episode to revamp G&S number.
  • Edit all 296 episode pages to update numbering (296/296).
    • Main: 161/161
      • Campaign 1: 115/115
      • Campaign 2: 46/46
    • Talks Machina: 94/94
    • Specials: 41/41


  • Standardize references when confusing.
  • Change numbering in chapter infoboxes to include number in chapter again.
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