Hey CR Wiki community!

I was talking to Dexcuracy the other day, and he suggested the idea of creating a Discord server for all of us wiki-editing Critters to congregate. I think that's a really good idea since it's sometimes hard to communicate using the limited tools that Fandom / wikis in general provide. Plus, I think it would be nice to get a chance to get to know some of my fellow Critters! I know that I personally have found it a little daunting to jump into the conversation in the main Critical Role server, but I imagine that the subset of the community that is actively growing/maintaining this wiki is a little smaller.

If you'd be interested in joining a CR wiki Discord server, let me know! I'm just gauging interest for now but if a couple people would be interested in joining then I'd probably go right ahead and make one. :)

EDIT [11/19/2018] - I've gone ahead and made the server! Feel free to join:

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