Eebit Eebit 13 November 2018

Community Discord?

Hey CR Wiki community!

I was talking to Dexcuracy the other day, and he suggested the idea of creating a Discord server for all of us wiki-editing Critters to congregate. I think that's a really good idea since it's sometimes hard to communicate using the limited tools that Fandom / wikis in general provide. Plus, I think it would be nice to get a chance to get to know some of my fellow Critters! I know that I personally have found it a little daunting to jump into the conversation in the main Critical Role server, but I imagine that the subset of the community that is actively growing/maintaining this wiki is a little smaller.

If you'd be interested in joining a CR wiki Discord server, let me know! I'm just gauging interest for now but if a…

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Eebit Eebit 11 September 2018

Past vs. Present Tense

Based on this edit to the Kamordah page and this edit to the Hupperdook page by Abelhawk, I figured we (the active editors of the wiki) should probably have a discussion about how we're going to tackle writing articles going forward, so we're not tripping over each other any more.

There has been sparse discussion about it in various isolated pockets on the wiki already, but given that blog posts are much more visible than the Discussion board (given that blogs appear on the front page and also the Special:RecentChanges page and Discussion board posts do not), I thought I would make this blog post to collect the discussions that I've seen and increase their visibility.

Here are threads that I've seen discussing the various approaches:

  • This threa…

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