Fan art of the view from the Arbor Exemplar, by Gina Garavalia.[art 1]

For those who haven't seen it this week, there's a new page intended to put everything in the Critical Role universe in chronological order, and it helps put a lot of lore in perspective. Even if you've watched every episode and read the Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting and Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, there's such a broad, deep history that it's easy to forget the order and length of so many events and how they relate to each other: how long the events of the series have taken, how different parts of Exandria developed through overlapping eras, or which characters could have experienced some historical event.

But now we've started organizing everything we can get our hands on! Starting with a lot of groundwork on historical events by CorvusTheFeatherbrain and OccidentalAvian, and compiling more information from the stream with the help of CritRoleStats on the events we've seen live (with their Tal'Dorei and Wildemount day trackers), and adding a great deal more from the books and this wiki, there is already a tremendous record that ties the events of the campaigns together and connects the series to earlier eras.

For example, this time line taught me that Pike's beloved Wilhand Trickfoot was just a little older than Pike (at the height of her adventuring days) when the continent of Tal'Dorei was first named Tal'Dorei, and he got to experience what the realm was like when the White Duke (a member of the Golden Grin) was carving his way into myth.

And what made me really want a resource like this was the effort I had to put in to line up everything we know about how long Vilya had been gone. The work on this page has already led to clarifying edits on pages all across this wiki, and the better this record is, the more it can serve that purpose.

Fan art of Mother's Lighthouse, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

Indeed, this record can help make sense of, or at least identify, some conflicting evidence in the lore. Believe it or not, sometimes cast members lose track of time in-universe; even Matthew Mercer is mortal. (Hey, maybe they can use this resource when they need to recall things their characters would know.)

But with so many characters and so many places, with a history stretching back thousands of years, there is still more to add! When you see a bit of lore that is related to anything else by time—an event that happened some number of years ago, the age of a character or a place, or something that traces back to a certain era like the Calamity or the Age of Arcanum—please add it to the Time Line so that everyone else can see how it fits into the larger narrative.

We're trying to keep it thoroughly sourced with citations, so there's no confusion about why an event is placed where it is. If you have an idea for something to place on the page, but you can't figure out how the formatting works, maybe just leave a comment on that page and as much evidence about its timing as you can (like X years before Y), or try messaging me first to see if I can handle it in a timely manner. Speaking of formatting, OccidentalAvian helpfully made each section collapsible so you can focus on just the periods of history that interest you at the moment, but sometimes the wiki software automatically tries to "fix" the code and messes up that feature, and we're fixing that as it happens.[1]

I hope you enjoy checking out the Time Line page and, if your favorite events aren't included or need a bit more detail to make the page easier to scan, that you take a minute to make the record more complete. Thanks for your contributions!

Fan art of the Core Anvil, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 3]


  1. My apologies to OccidentalAvian for all the times I've unwittingly let that slip past me.


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