I find myself perusing the comments section on YouTube after every edition of Critical Role and even more so now that I'm taking an active role in keeping this wiki up to date. To be honest, I tend to read through the comments quite closely mainly because I'm looking for the ubiquitous timestamp comment by Flando Maltrizian whilst researching data for this website.

Is it just me, or does Marisha come in for huge amounts of shit, complaining that she is not a good player and has 'no right to be at the table'. Even positing that she has a place in the game purely because of to whom she is married.

As far as I'm concerned, she has EVERY GODDAMNED RIGHT to fill that chair. She is intelligent, after all, one does not employ an imbecile as Creative Director. She is a good actress, why else would she have such a successful voice acting career, and she is very good at improvisation (something of a requirement for any decent campaigner) as demonstrated by her performance every Thursday... Or Monday, if like me, you watch the game on YouTube.

Admittedly, Beauregard is not the most pleasant of personalities, and looking back at Vox Machina , Keyleth could not really be described as a people person. However, in Keyleth's case, there was a good reason for Marisha deciding to play her as such a socially awkward individual. See "Attack on the Duergar Warcamp" (1x04) from 3:39:25 to 3:39:40.

Beau on the other hand is not socially awkward, but rather abrasive and less than friendly due to the events found within her back story. we are after all merely the products of our experience. Having said that though, there have been several instances of her displaying deep insight and great compassion towards other members of the Mighty Nein and also a few NPCs (Why do I immediately think of Kiri right now?).

There are comparisons that can be drawn between the two characters to be sure, but to read this as a lack of range for Marisha is, in my opinion, a huge mistake. I think they are two completely different people and Marisha is playing them with skill. Even the mistakes they make are not Marisha's mistakes,but rather mistakes they would make based on the experience and knowledge they have.

So, for God's sake! Lay off Marisha, and let her play in the company of her husband and friends without constantly calling her out undeservedly.

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