Hello everybody. We are already 15 episodes into Critical Role and the wiki is already 12 weeks old, so I can't think of a better time to do an introduction than now. (:3)

So hello everybody, wether you have been with the Geek and Sundry community from the beginning or just joined (perhaps one of the 300 subscribers, a crazy amount, from last broadcast), welcome to one of the best communities on the internet, and one of the few to have a Twitch chat you actually want to read ;D.

Other than a quick welcome, I don't have much to say for now, other than a quick question about cutting Critical Role into seasons.

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Season 2

It is, as of now, not yet clear if Critical Role will be cut into seasons or if it will be a long string of episodes, effectively without a season. For organisational purposes, I would suggest splitting Critical Role up into seasons on this wiki, even if Geek and Sundry decide not to, and to make the cut between seasons on the border of every adventure.

The current adventure having been defeating K'Varn and dealing with the aftermath. I originally thought the cut would be after they arrived back in Emon, but as we have learned, they still need to deliver the Horn to Vasselheim. As far as I can see, after that has been completed, it will probably be the cut between seasons, if they go do something unrelated after that. If delivering the horn would be the hook into another adventure, I would say the cut needs to be in the episode where they escape to Emon.

I am open to community input, wether this is a good idea and where the cut in the seasons must be, so please contribute!

That's pretty much it, DFTBA critters!

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