Hey guys, quick post here: As this wiki is growing, I find it tedious to communicate through user message walls and page talk pages. I think a more centralized discussion will benefit the wiki, which is why I created a Slack Team for Critical Role:

Slack is a chat client designed for collaboration in teams and I think it is pretty neat. Slack will be the optimal place to ask questions about the wiki, discuss the content of pages and stuff like that, as everybody (that wants to) gets notified of chat messages. This way we can all help eachother out and questions will not get hidden by Wikia's system of talk pages. This Slack team might even grow into a place to chat about Critical Role when it is not on stream. I hope to see you there!

If you want to join, you will need an invitation. I have set up an auto-invitation web application running here: It is, however, running on a free server and will be unavailable for 6 hours a day. Unfortunately, I do not own a server (... yet) and can't afford to pay for a hosted one online.

Stay Awesome Critters!

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