So, as I contemplated using the older Tiamat icon for either the Cult of the Caustic Heart or the Chroma Conclave, it quickly became clear to me that it should be used for the former. It is, after all, a recognized alternative symbol for Tiamat and the Cult of the Caustic Heart are worshippers of Tiamat, so it’s a perfect fit. So then I thought about what a perfect Chroma Conclave symbol would be and the answer soon came to me: a five-pointed star with each point being a different color and containing an initial of one of its five principle members. That initial ought to be in draconic, of course, so this is what I came up with:
Chroma Conclave Symbol

Chroma Conclave Symbol, regular size

The initial that I used for Thordak was a merging of the “T” and “H” runes. Clearly, the Draconic alphabet needs a “thurisaz” equivalent, I thought. (And it clearly does not need a “C.” That one should be used for a “Ch” sound or an “Sh” sound or maybe a “Ts” sound, but I digress…)
Draconic Thurisaz

The T+H Combo Rune for Draconic

So here’s the Thordak segment by itself with its thurisaz rune for greater clarity:
Thordak Symbol

Thordak Symbol, regular size

And what’s more, this Thordak symbol could be used by itself to represent his followers (and cultists?) without reference to the larger “conclave” as the followers of each dragon didn’t necessarily work together. If needed, the other points of the Conclave star could be used similarly, but the Thordak one struck me as the most potentially useful. And look, what’s more it simultaneously forms the shape of a red gem, which (spoiler alert) should be a familiar image to those who’ve watched the previous campaign…

So here are the resulting mini symbol icons:

Chroma Conclave Symbol mini

Chroma Conclave icon

Thordak Symbol mini

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