Name: Hengist Race: Mountain Dwarf Class: Barbarian/Monk STR: 19(4) DEX: 15(2) CON: 19(4) INT: 10(0) WIS: 13(1) CHA: 4(-3)

“Right, now sit’own and shaddup…it’s time you ‘eard the story of Hengist!

Having grown up in the Mountains of Kraghammer, the young Mountain Dwarf lived a life of peace among his clan where they ate, drank, made merry, and worked turning stone into iron. One day, while playing in the forests outside, Hengist and his friends were set upon by a large Direwolf. As it readied to maul them, an overwhelming sense of anger swept over the young Dwarf and slew the wolf with his bare hands (earning him several scars and a wolf pelt as a trophy).

One day, the mountains were set upon by a young dragon, who forced the dwarves out of their home and into exile. Hengist was separated from all that he knew and loved, and took shelter under a bridge in the road near the base of the mountain.

The next morning, the grisly scene was discovered upon by a wandering Monk who took pity on the boy and brought him back to his monastery. There, Hengist remained for the next twenty years, studying under the monks and becoming even stronger. However, their monastic traditions couldn’t quell the young Dwarf's instinctual desires…or his rage. Thus his master: Master Monk Gyatso, sent him out into the world to find what he could use to master his inner fire.

Clad in a hood and cloak of the direwolf pelt he slew as a boy, and his family's tartan, Hengist set out into the world to find what it held for him.”

Now we get into characters that I have created, but have not yet played. Hengist was the first heavy hitting character I’ve created since Hathonier’s death, and I won’t lie: I took a little inspiration from our beloved Grog Strongjaw in his creation. He has since undergone a bit of a transformation, going from a Goliath to a Dwarf mainly because I've never played a Dwarf and am always eager to try something new.

I don’t have a lot more to say as I’ve yet to actually play as Hengist, but I am looking VERY forward to it.

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