“My name is Hayanth, a Cleric of the Merfolk, I am 15 years old; and this is my story. Four years after my birth, my father abandoned my mother and myself to fight in a war that was not his; and so, my mother began to train me in the ways of the magic arts. However, everything changed on my tenth year of life. I was born with too great of a magical potential and, unknowingly, I unleashed my latent power and I destroyed my home town in a great flash, killing all that I held dear. I ran from my destroyed home and crossed the seas to find my father; I searched all over but I never found him. I was found by a Goliath called Omnirok who took me as his weapon and slave, using me to kill anyone he desired for the sheer entertainment of it.

Two years later, I was able to escape; but Omnirok still hunts me. I am constantly running and my only cloak of protection is my vow to never again wield my magic for evil and Omnirok’s arrogant stupidity. I have left the safety of my hiding place to pursue knowledge of my enemy. Teaming up with a band of intrepid adventurers, we learn of Omnirok’s allegiance to a mysterious man named Vandelesca.

​​​I carry the burden of my sins with me always, but with the blessings of Yaltnie and my teammates at my back: I begin my quest for redemption.”

Being my first D&D character ever, Hayanth is quite dear to me. The campaign had homebrew elements, but I came to learn this much later. Despite his dark past, he was quite, kind, and extension to me at the time.

Unfortunately, I have lost his character sheet, so his stats and equipment have been lost. Regretfully, graduation and time has since prevented our group from continuing and so Vandelesca remains unvanquished. Much like Jack Dawson from the film "Titanic": Hayanth exists now, only in my memory...however, this is likely for the best. I am not the same person today that I was when I played Hayanth and he helped to break me out of my shell. I will miss Hayanth, but fond memories of him are ones that I hold dear to me as my first excursion into my favorite game.

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