As the party rests from the ambush, Hathonier sights the advancing group of Cadmus’ army: Treants and the plant zombies of Queen Alanis' court. Awakening his companions, the adventurers follows the war party until sunrise, where the advancing army vanishes, leaving Cadmus alone.

Following Hathonier’s tactics, the party ambushes the Dragonborn. Cadmus is revealed to be immune to physical attacks but weak to magical ones, but it isn’t until Fenrir’s transformation into his Werewolf form that Cadmus is revealed to be a Vampire. The party defeats their adversary, but he escapes back to his coffin to regenerate.

One of the Treants approaches Hathonier and (translated by Dilista using Comprehend Languages) reveals himself to be Hayanth, Hathonier’s deceased son. Soon all of the trees reveal themselves to be the missing children of Byroden, as well as the Green Dragon hatchlings, all crying out in pain and asking to have their suffering end.

While Luna and Dilista got to work freeing the children of their pain, the voices of the children ringing in the Tiefling’s ears…Hathonier wanders way a broken man, having ended his sons suffering personally (despite Fenrir’s best attempts). ​​​​​​

​The next day, the party is quiet and humbled by the events; Luna and Fenrir go to resupply for their next adventure. Hathonier and Dilista, both emotionally scarred from the previous day, journey back to the Green Dragon’s ruins to fulfill the Paladin's oath to return. The Dragon Lord allows them to leave with their lives but thanks Hathonier for fulfilling his oath (sympathizing with him for his loss) and rewards the party for their efforts: with 200 Platinum.

Meeting back up, the party discusses what to do next: Hathonier being dead set on attempting to find Cadmus; while Luna, realizing they have no way of knowing where he went, suggests they search for the lost Lair of Raishan. However, realizing that they have not actually investigated the Dragonborn Vampire’s fortress, the party splits up to check the place out. ​​​​​​

​They find his study; utilizing her Comprehend Languages spell, Dilista learns (to her horror) that Cadmus had been dealing in ancient Abyssal Ritual magic, resulting in his army of Tree Children. She also learns that the process was reversible (a fact she keeps from Hathonier). They also learn that Cadmus was searching for the Lair of the Ancient Black Acid Dragon, Raishan. Luna then finds a radar-like device that Cadmus was using to find the lair. ​​​​​​

​With no other leads, the party sets out to find: The Lair of Raishan.

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