Hello everybody, I've got another announcement to make and it is in regards towards "The Intrepid Tales of Brazen Storm."

Sadly, there will only be one final post about our adventures in Exandria. Given that one of the core members of our group has had to take a haitus and our Exandria campaign has been on haitus for nearly 8 months, we have since agreed that it would be wrong to continue without him. Thus, our next session log will be our last.

Dragon (the DM of our game) has informed me that, due to our victory over Jericho (the Balor turned Primordial Titan), we actually foiled the "big bad's" plot to unleash the long feared Essence of Destruction. Because of this, we have elected to take this as a victory and finish the campaign as it is. So, I feel very comfortable admitting that the next log will be the Epilogue to our adventuring party.

I'd like to say thank you to all of you, your comments and support have been immensely helpful for us and has even helped us get started on (maybe) our own Critical Role journey. We have yet to decide whether or not to take down the Exandria logs, we have elected that (going forward) we will honor our roots as a Critical Role fanbased group and have named our group: Brazen Storm.

Currently, we run a blog on Tumblr ( and (as soon as I get time to devote to it) Wattpad; hopefully we would like to turn this into a Podcast and join the world of broadcasted D&D. Again, we thank you all for your support and comments, and we hope to see you guys around.

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