Photographer: Elizabeth-Richelle Photography, IG @elizabeth_richelle Models, Makeup, and Wig Stylists by character: Jester- NekoNami Cosplay, IG @nekonamicosplay Molly- WitchGender Designs, IG @witchgenderdesigns Caduceus- Hide My Error Cosplay, IG @hidemyerror Yasha- Mielee Cosplay, IG @mieleecosplay Beau- Ella Geraldine Cosplay, IG @ella_geraldine_cosplay

My name is Magnus (Magpie) Rose and I am a full-time costumer for theatre and commission and the author of the children's book Silver Key and article writer for Wiki and Yokubou Lounge.

My most popular creations for the past few years have been my original designs for Critical Role, specifically Mollymauk Tealeaf.


Fashion showcase at Caesars Palace; Las Vegas, NV

For the past 4 years, I have been travelling the US, Mexico, and Japan as an LGBTQIA+ and disability advocate for the theatre and convention community. I run panels, teach, and act as a consultant to support accessibility for various events.

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