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I got sucked into Critterdom in August 2018, and after swearing there was No Way! I could ever watch all the content there was at that point, finished Campaigns One and Two in about two months and haven't looked back since. It took me a while to find a way I could give back to the community, since to say I'm not artistic is to insult all non-artists, but words are my thing. I'm slowly learning to speak Wiki. I'm an object lesson in Why You Should Not Be Afraid To Start Contributing -- if I can learn it, anyone can.

Currently, I'm the contact person if something problematic happens on the wiki. If you need to get my attention, best bet is Twitter or Discord (links provided above).

In a past life, I was a lawful evil attorney, now retired.

Favorite Pages

  • The latest episode page. Every week, I stare at the barren framework of a new page, and a week later, miraculously, it is filled and the "stub" designation can come off. Thank you, Future Self!
  • All the artist pages. I am constantly amazed by the generosity of the #CriticalRoleFanArt community who almost universally have given blanket permissions to utilize their art. It makes the wiki come alive and I am in awe of the talent that contributes.