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  • I live in Ohio, United States.
  • My occupation is blissfully idle.
  • I am female.

I got sucked into Critterdom in August 2018, and after swearing there was No Way! I could ever watch all the content there was at that point, finished Campaigns One and Two in about two months and haven't looked back since. It took me a while to find a way I could give back to the community, since to say I'm not artistic is to insult all non-artists, but words are my thing. I'm slowly learning to speak Wiki. I'm an object lesson in Why You Should Not Be Afraid To Start Contributing -- if I can learn it, anyone can.

In a past life, I was a lawful evil attorney, now retired.

Favorite PagesEdit

  • The latest episode page. Every week, I stare at the barren framework of a new page, and a week later, miraculously, it is filled and the "stub" designation can come off. Thank you, Future Self!
  • All the artist pages. I am constantly amazed by the generosity of the #CriticalRoleFanArt community who almost universally have given blanket permissions to utilize their art. It makes the wiki come alive and I am in awe of the talent that contributes.
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