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Hey yo what's up I'm Lalou!

Critical Role is one of my favorite things in life right now!! It gives me something to look forward to every week, and has helped me through some pretty stressful times. I started watching CR in fall 2019, and as of july 2020 I've caught up to all of the main campains aired to date and seen most of the specials.

After visiting this website almost every day for months while I was binging the show, I decided it was about time to update its look from the default Fandom blue and I set out to make it happen myself. Since then editing the wiki's look as well as the articles has become a newhobby of mine. I also draw fanart sometimes, you can find it on my twitter or tumblr !

Don't forget to love each other ♥

My wiki artist page: Art by Lalou

To-Do List

Visual changes

  • Updates to Wiki theme & presentation:
    • Test Navbox colors
    • Change color around image thumnails
    • Figure out and propose re-organizing of header tabs
    • Redesign wiki Main Page
      • Make welcome graphic
      • Make quick link graphics; discuss intergration with someone who can code that stuff
  • Create visual support for the Time Line page (next focus is a timeline of the Mighty Nein)

Wiki Editing

  • Update Vox Machina members' biographies & add images
  • Make Relationship between X and X pages for the Mighty Nein, like Vox Machina has (ongoing)
    • Propose tabs for relationships on character pages
  • Write missing summaries for the Campain 1/one-shot episodes that don't have any
  • Add info to Vox Machina: Origins articles. Some issues have their own article, while some don't
  • Add info & trivia to main cast members articles (ongoing)
  • Create a Merch page
    • Finish Apparel page
    • Create subarticles, or put it all in one page(?)
  • Fill the Content Warnings page