I'm a historian by trade: I did my BA in history at Covenant College and my Doctor of Arts in Modern World History at St. John's University. (Yes, that is an earned doctorate, not an honorary one, though admittedly a rather unusual program...) While I've taught some college-level history classes, I've spent far more time teaching oddball stuff like 4th Grade Latin and 7th Grade Logic. I found (not too surprisingly, perhaps) that there was a real dearth of good Latin for kids and logic for teenagers curricula, so I wrote my own... Which I've published and I'm now scraping by mostly off of the royalties for these while I do a little part-time consulting for a local school and work on my next project, a world history curriculum for grade-school kids. Admittedly, my more recent forrays into the realms of cartography and iconography are on a strictly amateur basis... It just seemed like someone ought to do it...

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Claret Orders d

Icon Organizer: Edit

Deities, Cults & Patrons Factions, Parties & Nations Cities, Places, & Ships
The Everlight

Everlight Icon 2 Everlight Icon

Vox Machina

VM Icon

Greyskull Keep

Greyskull Keep Icon

The Wildmother

Wildmother Staff Icon Melora Swirl Icon

Mighty Nein

MN Icon MN Icon Refjorged

The Mistake

Mistake Icon

The Lawbearer

Lawbearer Icon Erathis Icon b (s)

Tal'Dorei Council/
Tal'Dorei (Faction)

TalDorei Council Icon Citrine Garrison & Royal Guard of Tal'Dorei Citrine Guard Icon Royal Guard Icon


Emon Icon Kymal Kymal Icon

The Archeart

Archeart Icon Archeart Icon 2


Syngorn Icon


Westruun Icon Stilben Stilben Icon

The Allhammer

Allhammer Icon Moradin Icon


Kraghammer Icon

Fort Daxio

Ft Daxio Icon

The Dawnfather

Dawnfather Symbol e Dawnfather (old)

Chamber of Whitestone /
Whitestone (Faction)

Whitestone (Faction) Icon The Grey Hunt & the Whitestone Riflemen Grey Hunt Icon Whitestone Rifles Icon

Whitestone (Place)

Whitestone (Place) Icon

The Stormlord

Stormlord Icon Stormlord Icon (EGW Style) Kord Icon

Ashari (faction)

Ashari Icon

Elemental Plane of Earth/

Terrah (Place) Earth Icon Elemental Plane of Air/ Zephrah (Place) Air Icon

The Knowing Mistress

IounAlt Icon Ioun Icon (m) Ioun Icon (EGW Style) Cobalt Soul/ Ioun 2 Cobalt Soul Icon Cobalt Soul icon

Arcana Pansophical

Arcana Icon

Elemental Plane of Water/

Vesrah (Place) Water Icon Elemental Plane of Fire/ Pyrah (Place) Fire Icon

The Changebringer

Changebringer IconAvandra Icon b (s)

Golden Grin

Golden Grin Icon Dr. Dranzel's Troupe DrDrA Icon


EzordamHaar Icon Hdr-Fye HdarFye Icon

The Matron of Ravens

Matron of Ravens IconRaven Icon


Tz'arrm Icon


OrtemVellak Icon Rybad-Kol RybadKol Icon

The Moonweaver

Moonweaver Icon Moonweaver Icon (old)

The Hand of Ord

Hand of Ord Icon


Ank'Harel Icon Ank'Harel Icon (s)

Platinum Dragon

Platinum Dragon Icon Bahamut Shield IconBahamut Icon (s)

Slayer's Take

Slayer's Take Icon


Vasselheim Icon

The Strife Emperor

Strife Emperor Icon Bane IconBane Icon (s)

Dwendalian Empire

Dwendalian Cross Icon Empire logo mini


Rexxentrum Icon


Lord Hells Icon Asmodeus b mini

The Crownsguard

Crownsguard Icon Crownsguard Icon b


Bladegarden Icon


Tiamat Icon Caustic Heart Icon

The Righteous Brand

Righteous Brand Icon Righteous Brand Icon b

The Ashguard Garrison &

The Rockguard Garrison Ashguard Icon Rockguard Icon

Torog, The Crawling King

Crawling King Icon Torog Icon (EGW Style) Torog Icon (m)

Cerberus Assembly

Cerberus Icon Cerberus A Icon (s) CA Icon e


Felderwin Icon Hupperdook Hupperdook Icon

The Ruiner

Ruiner Icon Gruumsh Icon


Myriad Icon


Kamordah Icon Nogvurot Nogvurot Icon

Tharizdun &

Angel of Irons Icon Chained Icon Tharzidun Spiral Icon The Angel of Irons Cult

The Invulnerable Vagrant

Pumat's Icon Gilmore's Glorious Goods Gilmore's Icon


Trost Icon Zadash Zadash Icon

The Spider Queen

Spider Icon (m) Lolth Icon

Claret Orders

Claret Orders Icon


Deastok Icon Druvenlode Druvenlode Icon

The Cloaked Serpent

Cloaked Serpent Icon Zehir Icon Color

Crown of Dwendal

Dwendalian Crown Icon Empire crown icon b


Alfield Icon Berleben Berleben Icon

Vecna & The Remnants

Remnants, Vecna Icon Whispered One Icon

The Clovis Concord

Clovis Icon CC Icon (m) CC Icon (s)

Port Damali

Damali Icon Gwardan Gwardan Icon


Orcus Skull Mace Icon b Orcus Icon

The Clasp

Clasp Icon


Feolinn Icon b Port Zoon Zoon Icon


Ukotoa Icon

The Revelry

Revelry Icon


Nicodranas Icon


Laduguer Icon Emberhold (Place) Icon

Whitestone Riflemen

Whitestone Rifles Icon

Darktow Isle

Darktow Icon Urukaxl Urakaxl Icon


Yeenoghu Icon

The Grey Hunt

Grey Hunt Icon

Diver's Grave

Diver's Grave Icon

The Traveler

Traveler Icon

Thordak (character)

Thordak Icon


Squall Eater Icon

Cult of the Caustic Heart/

Tiamat 2 Caustic Heart Icon

Chroma Conclave

Chroma Conclave Icon


Ball Eater Icon

Cobalt Soul/ Ioun 2

Cobalt Soul Icon

Brawler's League

Brawler's League Icon


Xhorhas Icon Xhorhas Mini Icon Rosohna Rosohna Icon

Bahamut 2

Bahamut Shield Icon

Citrine Garrison

Citrine Guard Icon


Asarius Icon Asarius Mini Icon Bazzoxan Bazzoxon Icon Bazzoxon Icon (s)

The Wildmother 2

Wildmother 2 Icon

Royal Guard

Royal Guard Icon

The Ashguard Garrison,

Kryn Control Ashguard (Kryn) Icon

Locations within Alfield

Alfield w Imperial Iron Cross green & gold

Candleglow Inn

Candleglow Inn Icon

On the Wind Icon Ruddy Top Icon
Feed & Mead Icon Broad Barn Icon Salt Trench Jail
Shield, Armor, & Uniform Concepts
The Shore Wardens:

Shore Warden

The Zolezzo:

Port Zoon Regiment (with Rifle) Zolezzo Zoon Regiment Rifle Concept,

The Zolezzo:

Port Damali Regiment (with Crossbow) Zolezzo Damali Regiment Crossbow Concept

The Waterwatch

Waterwatch Regiment Crossbow Concept,

The Arms of Emon

Arms Regiment Crossbow Concept,

The Shields of the Plains

Shields Regiment Rider Concept,

Royal Guard

Royal Guard Spearman Concept

Citrine Garrison

Citrine Regiment Spearman Concept

Dusk Regiment

Dusk Regiment Concept

Tide Regiment

Tide RegimentTide Regiment Spearman Concept

Aegis Regiment

AegisAegis Regiment Spearman Concept

Gale Regiment

Gale RegimentGale Regiment Crossbow Concept,

The Hand of Ord

Hand of Ord Symbol, largeHand of Ord Regiment Concept

The Righteous Brand

Righteous Brand Kite Shield ConceptRighteous Brand Spearman Concept f

The Crownsguard

Crownsguard cCrownsguard Crossbow Concept e

The Pale Guard

Pale Guard Crest, 6th Star Paleguard Spearman Concept exp

The Whitestone Riflemen

Whitestone Rifles Crest, 6th starWhitestone Rifles Regiment Concept

The Grey Hunt

Grey Hunt Crest, 6th star Grey Hunt Regiment Concept

Pale Guard Crest, 6th Star

Pale Guard (w/ 6th Star)

Whitestone Rifles Crest, 6th star

The Whitestone Riflemen (w/ 6th Star)

Grey Hunt Crest, 6th star

The Grey Hunt (w/ 6th Star)

Whitestone Crest, 6th Star

Whitestone Crest (w/ 6th Star)

Crownsguard Shield d

The Crownsguard

Righteous Brand Shield b

The Righteous Brand

Full-Sized Symbols
Tal'Dorei Council Symbol

Tal'Dorei Council Symbol

Arcana Pansophical Symbol

Arcana Pansophical Symbol

Orcus Skull Mace

Orcus' Skull Mace

Tiamat, Scaled Tyrant (Lokharic Script)

Tiamat Symbol (with Draconic inscription reading "Tiamat, Scaled Tyrant")

Matron of Ravens

Matron of Ravens Symbol

Yeenoghu, symbol

Yeenoghu's holy symbol: a triple-headed flail

VM Symbol b

VM Logo(fanart version)

VM Official

VM Logo (official version)

MN Logo Simplified

MN Symbol

Cobalt Soul Symbol (xl)

Cobalt Soul Icon

Ioun Symbol from EGW

Ioun Symbol (EGW Style)

Cerberus A Icon

Cerberus Assembly Icon (EGW Style)

Diarchy of Uthodorn
Diarchy Symbol
Hand of Ord (L)
CC Symbol XL
Guard Units by Sovereignty rev 2,1
Political Icons by Geo

Political/ Geographic Icons Organized by Continent

Factions by Campaign

Faction Icons Organized by Campaign

Divine Icons Organized by Alignment (CG & EGW)
Divine Icons Organized by Alignment Version f
Primes v Betrayers b

Cartography: Edit

Overall Exandria, 20.5 Northeastern Exandria, 20.5 Wildemount, Version 20.6
Overall Exandria, Version 20,5
Northeastern Exandria, Version 20,6
Wildemount, Version 22
A Road Map of the Empire; The Menagerie Coast, Version 23.1 Greying Wildlands, Version 20.5; Frontier Garrisons, Version 20.4 Blightshore, Xhorhas 20.6
Empire Roadmap

A Road Map of the Empire

Menagerie Coast, Version 23,1
Greying Wildlands, Version 20,5
Frontier Zone, Version 20,4

A Troubled Frontier: The Eastern Passes

Blightshore 22
Xhorhas, Version 20,6
Western Exandria, 20.3 Issylra Version, 20,4 Marquet, Version, 20,1
Western Exandria, Version 20,3
Issylra Version 20,4
Marquet, Version 20,1
The Beynsfal Plateau The Iron Authority of Tzarm Tal'Dorei, 19.3
Beynsfal Plateau rev 2

The Beynsfall, Site of the Legendary Battle

Tzarm b
Tal'Dorei, Version 19,3
Ziggurat Locations, Version 3

Map of Known ziggurat Locations

Exandria w Settlements

Exandria with Settlements Marked

Ozmit Sea

The Ozmit Sea (& The Hespet Archipelago)

Campaign 2 Tracker Map A

Campaign 2 Tracker Map

Campaign 2 Tracker Map B

Campaign 2 Tracker Map B

Campaign 2 Tracker Map c

Campaign Tracker Map C

Periodic Table of the Deities

Deities Grouped by Alignment

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Bahamut Tile
Pelor Tile
Corellon Tile
Moradin Tile
Sarenrae Tile
Sehanine Tile
Erathis Tile
Ioun Tile
Avandra Tile
Raven Queen Tile
Melora Tile
Kord Tile
Tiamat Tile
Torog Tile
Lolth Tile
Bane Tile
Zecna Tile
Gruumsh Tile


Archdevils, Demon Princes,

& Minor Evil Deities

Asmodeus Tile
Orcus Tile (l)
Zehir Tile
Laduguer Tile
Yeenoghu Tile
Tharzodun Tile
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